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Lesbian Reader Wants Us to Watch Video of Her Girlfriend Twerking

And who are we to refuse to oblige.

100 Things Straight White Females Love

Totally not being stereotypical here.

Indian Comedian Explains How White Girls on Tinder Are Racist

Pretty brilliant bit/social experiment here by stand-up comedian Nimesh Patel.

A Bunch of Basic White Girls on Twitter Were Pissed That a Miss USA Contestant Sung a Song In Spanish

White girl ignorance is so insane, I can't even.

A Bunch of White Girls Had a Twerk-Off and You Can Probably Fap To It

White girls gettin' after it. Good things. Good things. 

The 7 Types of Dance Moves Every White Girl Does When She’s Drunk

As a certified White Girl whose free time — as in, when I am not doing my charity work and hanging out with my close

Remember that Fire-Spitting White Girl Rapper Bailee Moore? She’s Back with a New Video

A while back J. Camm posted about Bailee Moore (BeMoore), the super-fast rapping white girl wunderkind from Ohio. She recently dropped another track/video,