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Get Extra Weird With The Return of Our White Girl Wasted Weekend Power Hour

It's been a while. Get the beer and shot glasses and get ready to make like Miguel and power bomb your

Get Your April Drank on with This Week’s ‘White Girl Wasted’ Minimix!

So after weeks and weeks of me having one problem or another with getting my sound to work, Christmas came early and ya boy got

Get Your Belligerent Irish Drunk On with Our St. Patties Weekend Party Playlist

As you've heard, there's some pretty outrageous college parties going on this weekend. Best get into the action with your official BroBible and That New

Be a Hero Tonight with Our Rage-alicious ‘White Girl Wasted’ Minimix

Enrique Iglesias style. 

Our Banger-Filled ‘White Girl Wasted Mini-Mix,’ Is the Perfect Transition Into the Weekend

Shut the books, head to the liquor store, stand around in the liquor store, return home, pump this. 

This Week’s White Girl Wasted Power Hour Will Start Your Spring Semester Off Right

It's beer and shot glasses time people courtesy of That New Jam! My name is Randy McRandell, resident power hour constructor and lover of all

Stave off the End of Semester Doom with Our Dope ‘White Girl Wasted’ Weekend Power Hour

If you've been buckling down for study days, here's your excuse to stop.

Commence the Weird-Getting with This Week’s ‘White Girl Wasted’ Weekend Power Hour

It's that time again people.

Back to the Right Kind of Blackout: Jumpstart Your Weekend with Our ‘White Girl Wasted’ Power Hour

Weekend Is Coming. 

Kick Off the Halloween Madness with BroBible’s ‘White Girl Wasted’ Weekend Power Hour


Our Weekend Power Hour Is Here, and Ready to Get You Properly White Girl Wasted

You wait for the weekend, but the weekend doesn't wait for you. We're here to help. 

Start Tonight’s Debauchery Off Right with BroBible’s ‘White Girl Wasted’ Weekend Power Hour

Welcome to the beginning of your new favorite weekend ritual.