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This Wheelchair Freestyle Video of Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham is Ridiculous

Bottom Line: This guy can do more on no legs than most of us can do on two.

90’s Kid Takes Wheelchair Out for Spin While Towed by Bike, and It Ends About How You’d Expect

Best part is the guy getting his Ninja Turtle on right before the face plant: "Kowabunga!!!"

Check Out Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham Pull Off a Double Backflip on his Wheelchair

Here's a guy not letting a tough situation get him down. 

Video: A Man in a Wheelchair Crowd Surfs at a Concert

  I just came across something I have never seen in my entire life: a man in a wheelchair crowd surfing at a concert. The lead

VIDEO: Florida Safety Will Hill Accidentally Tackles Man in Wheelchair

After being mysteriously suspended and benched for the first two games of the season, Florida safety Will Hill finally got some playing time against Kentucky