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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Wizard Solves Puzzle With Just One Letter


You may recall that back in December this amazing phenomenon happened.

wheel of fortune awkward moment

This Guy On Wheel Of Fortune Set The Bar For The Most Awkward Human Interaction Of All-Time

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Meet Brandon, a young man in the crowd to root on his friend Eden who was a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune.

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Watch Pat Sajak Flip Out Over How Stupid The Contestants Are During This Round Of ‘Wheel Of Fortune’


While I’ve never been on Wheel of Fortune, I’m going to assume that guessing the entire phrase with only one letter on the board isn’t exactly the best strategy.

Wheel of Fortune guess

Yet another nominee for stupidest Wheel of Fortune guess ever


Listen, maybe this wasn't the easiest Wheel of Fortune puzzle in the world but "surf clay where we go" is Goddamn stupid.

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