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Bro Hilariously Reads Poem That Is Quite Literally a Countdown to a Million

How long would you just sit there while a guy numbered to a million?

Bro Uses Mistletoe to Get Makeouts in Sweet New Prank

The pickup pranksters at /Whatever used a fishing pole, some mistletone and the month of December to spread some holiday cheer. Check it out.

Bros Clean Up a Homeless Man and Then Send Him Back to His Country

That headline seems like they are shipping homeless people out of the U.S., I know, but what happened here is a lot more heartfelt than

Bro Goes to Amsterdam, Trolls Prostitutes

Ever wonder how much a toothy blowjob from a Dutch prostitute is? Or whether or not they'll have sex with you with a horses' head

Extremely Hot College Girl Asks Guys For Their Phone Number In Front of Their Girlfriends

I don't know Andrea's last name or if Andrea is even her first name, but she is PHENOMENAL to look at. Swoon City and Stevie Chay is

These Really Bad Pick-Up Lines Will Ensure You’ll Never Get Laid

When it comes to picking up chicks, there's a wrong way and a right way to go about doing things. This is the wrong way,

Bro Tries to Pick Up Hot College Girls By Speaking French

Props to this Bro. He figured otu a flawless plan to get hot college girls' phone numbers by speaking French to them around campus. Some

College Bro Asks 100 College Girls If They Want to Have Sex: How Many Said Yes?

Well here's an interesting social experiment. There's a silly old adage that if you ask 100 people to have sex, at least one will say

College Bros Go to the Library, Make Everyone Feel Awkward By Any Means Possible

Horse masks, Cobra Kai outfits, crying, staring, fake orgasms, these college Bros stop at nothing to achieve total awkwardness.

Bro Uses Lines from ‘Fight Club’ To Pick Up Hot College Chicks

"It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything..." Who knew "The first rule of Fight Club..." could be used to pick

Bros Give Homeless Man With a Weird Talent $3,000 After Successful Fundraise Campaign

At the end of March we posted about a group of Bros who met a homeless man with a really weird talent. After they made that