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Brad Paisley Took Incredible Selfie With Westboro Baptist Idiots Who Were Picketing His Concert

Get 'em, Brad

God Trolls Westboro Baptist Church Leader Fred Phelps by Killing Him

Fred Phelps—the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church and all in all a loathsome human being—has died.

Watch the Westboro Baptist Church Get Trolled at the Golden Globes

Under the alter ego of "Brick Stone," comedian Dave Sirus has made trolling the Westboro Baptist Church a cottage industry. At the Golden Globes on Sunday,

Watch Brick Stone Hilariously Troll the Westboro Baptist Church

We're big fans of Brick Stone, a man who's elevated trolling the Westboro Baptist Church into an art form. His latest job at Celebration High

Here’s Brick Stone Trolling the Westboro Baptist Church Across the Country

Brick Stone—aka comedian Dave Sirus—has developed trolling the Westboro Baptist Church into as potent an artform as Sly Stallone acting in a Rambo movie. He annoys

Westboro Baptist Church Member Has Interview Ruined by Naked Man Sitting on Him

This is all a promo for some sort of live crucifixion stunt (?!) that's happening this weekend and will be livestreamed on a site which

Here’s Comedian Jeffrey Ross Roasting the Westboro Baptist Church

They're one of the easiest targets in the country, but it's still nice to see Roastmaster General Jeffery Ross take some shots at the Westboro

Mac Lethal’s Anti-Westboro Baptist Church Rap is Incredible

Honestly, he could have screamed "SUCK A DICK, WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH" for the entire 4-minutes and we'd have been on board with his message. But

5 Best Videos of People Trolling the Westboro Baptist Church

Things normally go like this after a tragedy: 1. Everyone is sad. 2. People make plans to memoralize the victims in some way. 3. The

Westboro Baptist Church Wants to Protest at Sandy Hook, Because They’re the Worst F*cking People

I know this is said again and again and again, every time the Westboro Baptist Church does something like this, but since these people are