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Iowa State Fan Delivers Sick West Virginia Incest Burn

Heartless Heartland.

West Virginia-Hawaii Women’s Basketball Game Erupts into Brawl

Passions run high when Hawaii and West Virginia get together in women’s basketball. Well, maybe they don’t always – I don’t follow women’s hoops –

I Get Chills Hearing West Virginia’s Student Section Sing ‘Country Roads’ After Beating OK-State

How can you not love this? This is everything that makes college football so great: A stadium filled with rowdy students having the time of

Carbon Monoxide Posioning Suspected In ‘Buckwild’ Star Shain Gandee’s Death

A few details finally emerge about the death of "Buckwild" star Shain Gandee. Via TMZ:

Kansas State Football Players Aren’t Sure if West Virginia is a Real State or Not

If we don’t teach our children geography, all is lost. Well, maybe not. But this is still kind of pathetic.

West Virginia Fanbase Sings Stirring Rendition of ‘Country Roads’ after Saturday’s Game

After West Virginia's ridicuously high-scoring 70-63 win over Baylor on Saturday, the Mountaineer student fanbase lagged behind in the stadium to sing "Country Roads" together.

West Virginia Student Government Actually Issues PSA Asking Students to Stop Burning Couches

You just had to f*cking keep burning couches, Mountaineer. You had to keep doing it until you got arrested. Hope you're able to scare off

I’m Shmacked—WVU St. Patricks Day, Part II

St. Patrick's Day on a Saturday = Absolute madness. The guys from I'm Schmacked thought WVU went so hard this past St. Patrick's

I’m Shmacked—West Virginia University for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day on a Saturday = Absolute madness. Every college around the country has their own special way of going hard on

Here’s A Mini-Documentary About The Party Scene at West Virginia University

Back in September, we showed you two videos from a 12-part doc*mentary series about college parties called "I'm Shmacked."  The project aims to

Watch This WVU Student Get Knocked the F-Out During a Dorm Fight

Not sure if this is a real fight or just some playful sparing, but this kid falls like a tree... Is Morgantown really

Here’s Erin Andrews Visiting SAE at WVU This Past Weekend

For the permanent record's sake, let's all listen to EA showing all kinds of love for SAE at WVU. All class, all around.