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Here’s Wes Welker Handing Out $100 Bills at the Kentucky Derby Like an Absolute Boss

Wes Welker was apparently a big winner at the Kentucky Derby.

Super Bowl XLVIII Doppelgangers

Matt Prater does look like Nick Swardson. 

Shots Fired: Bill Belichick Says Wes Welker Intentionally Tried to Injure Aqib Talib

It would certainly seem that Bill Belichick and Wes Welker are no longer friends, if they ever even were. In a press conference this morning, Belichick

Wes Welker Joins the Denver Broncos

The Wes Welker era in New England is over. Gisele Bundchen must be so happy.

And Now, a Special Message from Wes Welker’s Wife About Ray Lewis

Uh-oh! Football WAG smacktalk. After losing to the Ravens, Wes Welker’s wife, Anna Burns Welker, posted a little reminder about Ray Lewis on Facebook. Burrnnn.

Here’s a Guy Getting a Tattoo of Patriots Players as Legos

When your two loves are Legos and the New England Patriots, there’s only one thing you can do. Get a tattoo of your

Predictably, That Wes Welker-Butterfinger Stunt Crashed and Burned

Against all odds, Pawngo's decision to drop thousands of Butterfinger bars in Boston to mock Wes Welker's crucial Super Bowl drop mightily pissed off Patriots

Thousands of Butterfingers Dumped In Boston to Mock Wes Welker

This will make Gisele so happy. A Denver-based online pawn shop used its resources to dump thousands of Butterfinger bars in Boston's Copley Square, mocking

Watch Gisele Comfort Tom Brady, Bash Patriots Receivers

If you're going to lose a tough, hard-fought Super Bowl, you should be so lucky to have Gisele Bundchen comfort you and make

Wes Welker Engaged to Hooters Hero Anna Burns

New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker will look to add a Super Bowl win to his resume on Feb. 5. He made good

Wes Welker’s Playoff Mustache Has the Power to Move Point Spreads

While the mustache world mourned over news that Hulk Hogan planned to shave his iconic stache, New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker attempted to