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Wendy’s Employee Serves Burger with Half-Smoked Blunt

Many people eat fast food when they're stoned. Isn't this just skipping a step?

This Wendy’s Training Video from the ‘80s Demands to Be Watched

In the '80s, Wendy's created this training video. It features a hard rock theme song, a confused Dave Thomas, and the requisite cheesy graphics.

Man Loses His Shit on Wendy’s Employee After They Put Cheese on His Hamburger

"You goddamn sons a bitches. Goddamn sons a bitches!"

Wendy’s Employee Takes Straight Pulls Off the Frosty Machine, Gives No Shits

In his defense, because I live to fight for the rights of fast food employees, his mouth isn't touching the machine and as you can

Wendys Is Now Really, Really Fancy

In Japan, that is. 

Watch A Very Serious Food Critique of Wendys

"This particular establishment prioritizes excellence and quality."