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I Didn’t Plan On It, But I Ate a Sandwich on the Toilet

My life lacks anything resembling ambition, yet, it doesn’t matter how engrossed I am in a Maury rerun or how diligently I’m not applying for

Real-Life Exorcist Recounts His Craziest Days On the Job

Catholics are back! With this funky-fresh, feel good Pope, and his “in this century” attitude towards the job (and Catholicism […]

Top 10 Weird News Stories 2013

2013 was one fucked up year. It had dick church. Remember dick church? It's the church that looks like a dick. 

This Chart Shows The Most Screwed Up Aspect Of Your State

We all know our home states have problems. I'm from Virginia and on Sunday you can only buy liquor from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. If you

Bored? Check Out This Compilation of 18 Weird Things That Actually Exist

A DeLorean hovercraft is cool and all, but how often does one hovercraft?

Tip Drill: This Week’s Tips Include a N*pple Crisis, Chief Frat-A-Lot, and a Mystery Bathroom Ruiner

We get a whole boatload of tips here at BroBible and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Hearing from you, the readers, is really

Alicia Silverstone Is a Bird

We know very little about parenting around here, but this seems totally weird. The “Clueless” star posted this video on her blog over

Watch Man With Half a Head Deliver Anti-Drug PSA While Smoking Blunt

Well, this is a mixed bag right here. We commend the infamous Man With Half a Head for telling the world not to

Tom Coughlin, Flavor Flav Celebrated Giants’ Super Bowl Win Together

Tom Coughlin and Flavor Flav are living on the same planet, but they're in different worlds. Coughlin is a noted disciplinarian, while Flav