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This Guy’s Cigarette-Smoking Tricks Will Change Your Afternoon

I found this video to be equal parts inspiring, sad, and aggravating. Homeboy doesn’t give one single fuck about anything as long as he has

Boss Old Man Defends Home with Bow and Arrow in One of the Stranger Local News Broadcasts You’ll See

I'm not posting this because of the obvious "Hey, this guy is elderly but still able to defend himself; this is awesome" angle. I'm posting

Finnish Team Wins Wife Carrying Championships, Which We Should Not Stand For

Did we know that the North American wife carrying championships has been put on for 13 years? No. Did we know that the sport existed

Did Robot Al Roker Break on the ‘Today Show’ Last Thursday?

On the Today Show Thursday, Al Roker, Matt Lauer, and Savannah Guthrie did what they do best—talk light-heartedly about meaningless stuff. This time, the subject

This Is What Metta World Peace Does With His Free Time

It looks like Metta-Ron-Peace-Artest may be actively trying to become bi-polar. While this is certainly not too surprising, it’s certainly a bit upsetting. I don’t

This Guy Wants to Play You All the ‘90s Pop Hits on His Melodica

It's a big day for YouTube user BennyTheJukebox. His painstaking efforts to revive the 1990's biggest pop hits on his melodica are finally

Woman Uses a Basketball to Paint Giant Yao Ming Portrait

Sadly, Yao Ming is gone from the NBA. He lives on only in our artistic rememberances. Here, a woman pays her respects to

The Strangest Japanese Video Involving an Egg Yolk You’ll See All Day

Back in my college days, while I was studying abroad, I spent a solid week traveling around southern Japan. I slept in capsule hotels, drank