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Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Rant About Performing Oral Sex On A ‘Sasquatch’ Needs To Be Heard

Steve's one of those guys who has it all figured out.

Woman Calls 911 After 72-Year-Old Husband Suggests Doing Some Incest

A South Carolina woman called 911 after she became concerned when her 72-year-old husband suggested that he wanted to bang […]

Philly Police Finally Capture Infamous ‘Swiss Cheese Masturbator’

For the past few days, the good people of Philadelphia had been held captive by the random appearances of a mad man hell bent on

Zombie Apocalypse Draws Nearer As Baltimore Man Eats Another Man’s Brain, Heart

As if yesterday's zombie hysteria wasn't enough, it looks like we've got another one on our hands. Two in a matter of days seems like

How a Breast Implant Saved a Woman’s Life

I truly believe that large, bountiful breasts are good for your health. Whether it's you getting a smile because you are gawking at a perfect

Man Asphyxiates Lover to Death During Sex, Dumps Body at Pizza Joint

Today's fact of life is this: If you strangle anyone long enough — even if it's during BDSM sex and she is mid-org*sm telling you

New ‘Punk’d’-Style Iraqi Television Show Accuses Celebrities of Terrorism via (Fake) Car Bomb

Remember on that old episode of "Punk'd" when Justin Timberlake cried because half his house was being repossessed? Or the time Franki Muniz thought his