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How ‘Bout This Broad Walking Her Naked Boyfriend On A Leash Along The Highway?


Here’s a Mini-Doc on a Bro Hall-of-Famer Who Has Survived Solely on Cheese Pizza For 25 Years

Gettin' the vibe that this guy likes pizza.

Man Claims He’s Allergic to Kim Kardashian, Vomits When He Sees Her

We don't think there's an actual medical reason for this.

Torz Reynolds Slices Off Tattoo Of Ex-Boyfriend’s Name, Mails Skin To Him (GRAPHIC PHOTO)

There is an extremely graphic photo if you click this link. So do so at your own peril. Torz Reynolds […]

Don’t Be The Guy Arrested For Breaking Into Your Old High School In Spiderman Underwear

A 23 year old Ohio man was arrested this past Sunday for doing just that. The 6'5" 295 pound man, named Thomas Williams, was found

A Salute to the College Campus Rando

College is supposed to be a forum for meeting new people who will expose you to lifestyles and viewpoints radically different than your own. If