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Here’s Your International Super Weird Cow-Related Video Round-Up

All the cow news that's fit to print.

Don’t You Hate It When You’re Chatting With A Neighbor And His Mastiff Suddenly Bites Your Cock Off?

Henry and Mudge In: The Cock Bite

Man on Bathroom Break Finds a Venomous Snake in the Toilet Bowl

This is really a story about how you should never wait to the last possible moment to take a shit.

High School Sophomore Arrested After School Figures Out She’s 31 Years Old

All of us at some time or another—typically after watching 21 Jump Street—have thought about what it'd be like to go back to high school

A Soccer Fan Was Killed by a Flying Toilet Bowl in Brazil

Let us pause today to remember the life of Paulo Ricardo Gomes da Silva, a Brazilian soccer fan who was killed by a toilet.

There Is a Billboard in Michigan Dedicated to Bringing a Serial Pooper to Justice

A mystery man is terrorizing Ann Arbor after pooping on numerous playground slides.

Man Faces $525 Fine for Refilling Soda

You know, you've gotta nip this kind of stuff in the bud.

A Squirrel Caused $300,000 Worth of Damage in One Building

A mischievous bastard.

Long Island Nursing Home Hires Male Strippers, Son of Happy Resident Complains

Right now, in some nursing home across this corrupted country, YOUR grandmother could be living like a common harlot.

Idiot Teenager with McDonald’s Receipt Tattooed to Forearm Gets Tattoo of Tattoo Receipt

18-year-old Norwegian Stian Ytterdahl, better known as the "McDonald's tattoo guy," made headlines recently.

Half-Naked Spanish Woman Falls Through Well While Sexing

If there was ever a sign that your thinking goes COMPLETELY out the window when you're horny, it's this.

A Bank Accidentally Put $31,000 in a Teen’s Account, So the Teen Naturally Spent It

What would you do if First Citizens Bank randomly put $31,000 in your bank account?

Tennessee Woman Stabs Husband for ‘Worshipping NASCAR Race’

Just before 10 p.m. on Sunday, Stephanie Hamman crashed her car into the front doors of a church.

Man Wearing Only Thong Stole Batman Costume, Pranced Around, Police Say

na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na PANTIES

A Cigarette-Smoking Bird Burned Down a London Apartment in What Doesn’t Appear to be the Plot of a 1940s Cartoon

Firefighters believe a bird carrying a lit cigarette to its nest ignited a fire in an apartment building last night in London.

Pastor Bans Women from Wearing Underwear in His Church for Suitably Insane Reason

A Kenyan pastor found himself making international headlines today when his controversial "stop wearing underwear" rule went viral.

Model Called the ‘Human Barbie Doll’ Claims to Eat Just Light and Air

Valeria intends to train herself to live on just light and air alone. That's the diet!

Mississippi Man Wakes Up in Body Bag After Being Pronounced Dead

Walter Williams, an elderly man from Lexington, Mississippi, was declared dead in his home on Wednesday night. A coroner zipped him in a body bag,

Real Estate Honcho Draws Penises Over Artwork in Ex-Girlfriend’s Home

Sean Ludwick, a 41-year-old managing partner at a New York real estate firm, wanted to effectively dic-tate his anger after […]

Mother Buys Every ‘Indecent’ Shirt at PacSun, Holds Tenuous Understanding of Capitalism

A PacSun in the deeply-religious town of Orem, Utah recently had a banner day in sales after one customer bought […]

Would You Stay At a Hotel That Looks Like An Anus?

If you’re looking for first class accommodations that you won’t have to pay out the ass for, check out Hotel […]

7 Women Who Put Their Lady Parts to Horribly Practical Uses

“I never knew if there was an opposite condition from penis envy, whereby a man feels like he’s missing something […]

Drunk Dad Finds Out The Hard Way His 8-Year-Old Kid is a Terrible Driver

We’ve all been too drunk to drive home. That’s why people designate a driver, or if you don’t have any […]

Kids Hijack Loudspeaker On Belgian Train And Instruct All Jews To “Get Off At Auschwitz To Shower”

Most pranks are funny on some level. This prank isn’t funny on any level. According to reports and firsthand accounts […]

Explosion of Pizza Dough Inside Recycling Bin Looks Way More Awesome Than It Sounds

Papa John’s is investigating an insane explosion behind one of its location in the UK. Papa John’s in the UK? […]

Humans Will Know If Aliens Exist By 2040 Says Smart Guy

If humans are willing to wait about twenty-five years, we might get our answer to the question “Does life exist […]

Pittsburgh Restaurant Pretending To Be a Burger King — Isn’t That Treason?

All that glitters isn’t gold and all that pretends to be fast food isn’t the real deal. Especially this shady […]

Guess What Happens When You Chug a Bottle of Whiskey In Under 5 Minutes? Just Guess

A man from Nepal made a bet with friend that he could chug an entire bottle of whiskey. At stake? […]

Burglar Scared Away By Big Mouth Billy Bass

An attempted robbery at a bait and tackle shop in Minnesota was called off, mid-heist, when the robber was too […]

Bank Sends Credit Card Offer In Mail Addressed To ‘Lisa Is a Slut McIntire’

Every day, credit card companies send million of offer letters to potential applicants. It’s possible that more than a few […]

Man Dies After Fireman Refuses To Cross Street And Help Him

This is an awful, awful story.

Chinese Man Tricks Airline Into Giving Him 300 Free Meals

This is why America gets their asses handed to them by the Chinese — they’ve even figured out how to be bigger cheaters than Americans.

Bro Gets Stuck Inside Wood Chipper And Lives

I guess if you work with a high-powered wood chipper on a daily basis there is always a thought in the back of your mind

Woman Refused To Give Money to Robber So He Slapped Her Across Face With His Dong

If you’re ever robbed at gunpoint, just give the dude anything he wants. It’s better than getting shot, killed or slapped across the mush with

Pittsburgh McDonald’s Offering Incrediblly Rare Menu Item — Heroin

Happy Meal? More like really, really happy meal but like this warm kind of happy that washes over you in waves. Not that I would

Philly Bro Crashes Car On Busy Street, Gets Naked and Diddles Himself In Traffic

I’m assuming Philly is a little jealous since NYC will be the site of some crazy ass stories this week with the Super Bowl just

Coming Soon! Mannequins That Look More Like Real People — Fat, Saggy and Tattooed

Tattooed, fat dummies will be all over department stores by the end of the year. The ones that move are real people. The others are

Bro Runs Into Burning House To Save His Xbox

People love their sex dolls. Why can’t they love a completely different pleasure box?

Opera Singer Lost Job For Farting Too Much

Career tip #254 — Excessive farting can kill your career.

American Apparel’s Mannequins Now Have a Full Bush

Apparently, pubic hair is making a comeback. The New York Times says so, as do the depraved lunatics responsible for the always "shocking" mannequins that grace