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How Do People Think This Video of LeSean McCoy Throwing a 45-Pound Plate Like a Frisbee is Real?

There's no way, right?

Iowa Offensive Tackle Brandon Scherff Hang Cleans 443 Pounds Three Times Like It’s No Big Deal

A very important skill.

VIDEO: Here’s the New World Record For Bench Press


10 Reasons Why Girls Should Lift Weights with Their Vagina

Based entirely on the response our Vaginal Knitting post received, we had to post this. Virtual no-brainer here. Plus, the God of Pageviews put a gun to our

Watch a 14-Year-Old Squat TWICE His Weight

Eighth-grader Jake Schellenschlager can powerlift 205 pounds, squat 225, and deadlift 300. The video will probably make you hit the gym today.

Weightlifter’s Attempt to Bench 550 Takes a Scary Turn

As if you needed another reason to not lift an incredible amount of weight. Watch as a big beefy dude’s attempt to throw up 550

Watch a Powerlifter Squat a World Record 1,047 POUNDS

According to unconfirmed reports, Carl Yngvar Christensen just set the IPF power-lifting record with this 475 kg (1,047 pound) squat. THIS MAN IS SQUATTING 1,000 POUNDS.

Weightlifting Bro Passes Out Trying to Deadlift 600 Pounds

Do you even lift, Bro? YouTuber MikeBURRITO wanted to see if he could deadlift 600 pounds. After he went for it, he needed a little nap.  Notes the first

Eat to Grow: How I Went from Small to HUGE in 60 Days

Gaining muscle is an incredibly worthwhile pursuit that takes time and energy. And it can take a LONG TIME if you

Bro Almost Videotapes His Own Death When He Fails at Bench Press and Parents Don’t Hear His Cries

Come-the-fuck-on, Bro. You're going to max-out, in your basement, by yourself, and not give yourself a "what if I fail?" contingency plan? Were you denied

Dom Mazzetti: Look Big to Get Big, A Lesson on How to Dress in the Gym

More sagacious work out advice from Brother Dom.

Watching Porn Makes Girls Go Blind But Men Better Weightlifters

Months ago, we posted an article about how watching films of the smut variety can make women go blind. No really, it's true; someone with

The Olympics Don’t Officially Begin Until a Female Weightlifter Pees Herself

There’s the cool LMFAO part of “working out” and then there’s this, a more disturbing consequence of lifting a tremendous amount of weight.