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7 Fitness Principles Bro’s Need to Know for Fast Fat Loss

Fat loss is never fun – but it can be fast. These fast fat loss principles are designed to cut through the weight loss BS,

People Are Smoking Booze to Lose Weight While Still Getting Drunk, Doctors Are Not Impressed

I wasnt sure if I should log this post under fitness or drinking...

Man Loses 400 Pounds, Promptly Gains 250 of Them Back

This is fairly tough to watch, but at the same time it’s hard to look away. David Smith, who inspired a nation by dropping 400

Scientists Discover a Pill That Makes You Fit Without Having to Leave the Sofa

Come on, science! You're better than this corner-cutting bullsh*t. This is one step closer to the very worst part of "The Jetsons" (all food in