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Weightlifting Bro Passes Out Trying to Deadlift 600 Pounds

Do you even lift, Bro?

YouTuber MikeBURRITO wanted to see if he could deadlift 600 pounds. After he went for it, he needed a little nap. 


Lift to Grow: The One Workout You Need to Get HUGE

In my last article, I said you need to EAT to GROW. And this is true. But you also need

91-Year-Old Benches a World-Record 187 Pounds

Well, Christ. I was feeling pretty proud of myself for eating a healthy lunch. Then I saw Sy Perlis dominate the bench press like a

High School Beast Benches 700 Pounds

Matt Poursoltani is stronger than you. And me. And the two of us combined, probably.

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Deadlift 538 Pounds

Obviously part of being a man is slightly exaggerating your bench and deadlift stats. Keyword, slightly.