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An Extremely Passive Agressive Roommate Note, Plus the Weekend Fix (31 Pics)

Writing this note out of principle probably took more time than doing the dishes. Just sayin'.

11 Reasons Why You Should Dress Up as a Twister Board for Halloween, Plus the Weekend Fix (30 Pics)

Brilliant! Enjoy your weekend.

Another Great Note Complaining about Sex Noises, Plus Your Weekend Fix

Making the ceiling move like that? Bro move. via College Humor.

The Undisputed Bro of the Week, Plus Your Weekend Internet Fix (40 Pics)

The moving photo you're looking at above popped up on Reddit this week with the following caption: "He visits his buddy every Friday

YouTube Comments Can Get Kind of Awkward, Plus Your Weekend Internet Fix (41 Pics)

I like to believe everything on the Internet is real, including this awkward interaction in the comment section for the Cassius song "Feeling for

Party On, Grandma, Plus Your Weekend Internet Fix (61 Pics)

Horray, the weekend! Here's a huge, fresh gallery of this week's best funny pictures

A Beer Belly Keg Tattoo and Lexi Belle In a Frat Shirt, Plus Your Weekend Internet Fix (56 Pics)

Your weekend fix has arrived. Featuring this epic beer belly tattoo and Lexi Belle rocking a Phi Kappa Sigma shirt, it's one of the best

Just Eatin’ Cereal Out of Lord Stanley’s Cup, Plus the Weekend Fix (71 pics)

Very Bro move, Justin Williams. Props to you. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends. 

The Weekend Fix (71 Pics)

The weekend has arrived, so let's do this right. Enjoy 71 awesome and funny photos, via the fruits of the Interwebs. Remember to send us