Your New Post-Grad Goal: This Guy’s Job Is To Write Reviews Of Colorado’s Legal Weed


Jake Browne, 32, has a job that looks easy but I can guarantee you take more thought than you’re currently imagining.


This Bong Hit Could Kill An Adult Elephant, But This Dude Is Somehow Unfazed

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That 'field goal' bong hit would leave me incapacitated for the better part of a day.

smoking up

David Letterman Tells Oprah Why He Stopped Smoking Weed


Sure, smoking marijuana isn't as bad for you as a D.

marijuana prices

U.S. Map Ranks All 50 States According To The Price Of Weed


If you smoke a lot of weed what state you live in could be seriously affecting your budget.

legalize marijuana

Morgan Freeman Is Passionate About Legalizing Weed: ‘I’ll Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, Snort It!’


Maybe if the President of the United States and God says we should legalize marijuana than maybe we should definitely legalize marijuana.

cotton vagina

Bros, Science Claims That Smoking Weed Gives You Cotton Vagina


Shit, there's finally a reason to explain why every girl I've hooked up with is dryer than an Arizona summer.

parents of the year

Cops: Parents Bribed Teen Daughters With Weed To Persuade Them Do Chores (Also Gave Them Cocaine)


There are different methods in raising children, some parents take a strict disciplinary tactic, while others utilize a more lenient system.

house bill 2165

Legislation Just Took One Big Texas Step Towards Legalizing Marijuana In The Lone Star State


A proposed bill to strike marijuana offenses from the Texas state statute was approved by the Texas House of Representatives Criminal Jurisprudence Committee, effectively taking America's second largest state a big, Texas-sized step towards legalizing the possession and consumption of weed by any so-wishing adult within state lines.

nfl substance policy

NFL GM Thinks ’30-40 Percent’ Of Draft Prospects, Players Smoke Weed Regularly


It's no mystery that marijuana is a huge taboo in the National Football League.


First ‘Legal Marijuana Plant’ In Jamaica, Majority Of Americans Favor Legalization – This Week In Weed News


'This week in weed news' is highlighted by the first ever legal marijuana plant being planted in Jamaica, and a FOX News poll showing that the majority of Americans are now in favor of legalizing marijuana.


Colorado Is Sitting On An Extra $58 MILLION In Tax Revenue After Legalizing Recreational Marijuana


Any state mulling the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana need look no further than this statement: the State of Colorado is sitting on an additional $58 MILLION in tax revenue, which under a new proposal could send $40 million straight into the public education system.

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