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Stephen A Smith Goes in on Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount for Smoking Weed

Stephen A Smith doesn't lke when players smoke weed

Guess Which State Smokes The Most Weed?

Keep in mind that Snoop Dogg is not a state.

20 Best Colleges in America For Stoners

It would appear that the Princeton Review is taking the Weird Al Yankovic approach to releasing their yearly lists.

One Seattle Cop Wrote 80% Of The City’s 2014 Weed Tickets; Potentially Least Chill Guy Ever

This guy needs to be stopped.

The New York Times Calls For the Legalization of Marijuana.


Ever Been Stoned And Gone On Chatroulette? Well Now There’s A Video Chat Website Specifically For Stoners

Which is better, eating all the food in your kitchen or talking to random people?

In The Most ‘Duh’ Study Ever Conducted, Science Has Found That Weed Makes You Paranoid

No shocker here, folks.

Marijuana Finally Decriminalized in Washington D.C., Which Means Up to an Ounce of Weed Is Only a $25 Fine

GREAT news for citizens of Washington D.C.

Guy Decides He’s Through Smoking Weed After A Nug Starts Magically Moving On His Table

You know you've got some potent weed when even the weed is tripping.

Bill Clinton Says Something Honest and Awesome About Weed

A Democrat advocating states rights? Can Bill Clinton be president again?

This Study Says You’re Better Off Driving Drunk Than Driving High

Because doing either is the mark of a genius, obviously.

Watch Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen Get Really Baked On Camera, Roll Cross Joints

The voices of a generation.

A Guy on Twitter Is Hiding Weed All Over Town For His Followers to Find

And these eggs aren't filled with chocolate.

Watch Weed Plants Grow in Beautiful, Time-Lapse Fashion

Started from the bottom now we high.

The 4 Little Known Places You Can Buy Weed

So you’re completely out and it will be a week until your dealer picks up...

Why Weed Is So Important to College

A wonderful little dried flower can help you make friends, listen to better music and get laid.

More Pets Are Showing Up High On Marijuana, Vets Say

Apparently dogs like eating your marijuana stash, Bros, so be careful where you're keeping that 'ish.



17 Marijuana Smokers Share Their Deepest, Darkest Secrets About Toking Up

I think few would disagree that 2014 is the The Year of the Stoner.

College Bro Smokes Marijuana Dabs For The First Time, Freaks Out, Thinks He’s Completely Frozen

Stick to the dank nugs, Bro.

Business Called ’420 Multi Services’ Raided For Alleged Weed Dealing

Subtle. Very subtle.

Guess Which Hollywood Stoners Have Smoked Weed With Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen on Watch What Happens Live spilled the beans on his Hollywood stoner friends.

This Is Your Body On Weed, Featuring What’s Call ‘The Entourage Effect’

Scientifically, what it means that for marijuana to be 100% effective as a medicine, it needs the sum of all its parts.

Why Does My Body Do That On Weed?

The stoner brahs over at Buzzfeed just made an incredible video breaking down why your body does what it does after you smoke up.

Bro Pranks a Bunch of Cops By Smoking a Bong In Public

Want a surefire way of getting the cops attention?

Weed Flavored Condoms Are Now A Thing That Exist

Simple mathematics here, gang. Weed + Condoms = Weed Flavored Condoms.

Colorado Pot Sales May Reach $1 Billion in the Next Fiscal Year

A proposal submitted on Wednesday by Colorado governor John Hickenlooper estimates that sales in pot stores will approach $1 billion […]

A Girl Scout Sold an Insane Amount of Cookies Outside a Cannabis Clinic in San Francisco

  Is there a merit badge for “Business Administration?” Give it to 13-year-old Girl Scout Danielle Lei. On Monday, Lei and […]

Why It’s Impossible to Die of a Marijuana Overdose

  Remember that funny rumor about the British lady who allegedly died of a “marijuana overdose.” LOL! What a bunch […]

SCIENCE! Has Discovered Why You Get the Munchies While High

Our favorite friend of the website, SCIENCE!, has finally tackled the issue of smoking pot and overindulging in food. A […]

This Is What Marijuana Prices Look Like When It’s Legalized

Pretty solid infographic breaking down the numbers of what marijuana prices are like when it’s legalized and taxed. Here’s to governments […]

Stupid Stoners Are Getting Their Pets Sick With Weed

Remember when you used to blow smoke in the dog's ear while having a joint?

25 Things People Do When High on Drugs

Earlier this week we learned a lesson in how drugs can affect your decision-making. Am I right Justin Bieber?

Barack Obama Says Weed Isn’t Bad in Interview With ‘The New Yorker’

Thanks, Obama! 

Today In Amazing News: Marijuana Shields Your Liver From Alcohol Damage

GREAT news for people who like to party: According to a new study conducted by researchers at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York,

This Is What It Looks Like When You Buy Legal Weed in Colorado

Admit it, you're curious. What does a legal recreational drug purchase looks like?  If you're in Colorado, you probably know. Sales topped $1 million in one day.

The Denver Post’s Marijuana Critic Remembered He Had an Interview With Stephen Colbert

Think you have a pretty cool job? Well, it sucks compared to what Ricardo Baca does for a living. He’s the Denver Post’s brand new

The 12 Best Stoner Athletes of All Time

Judging by some of the incredibly accomplished names on this list, you're just as likely to find a bag of nuggets in an MVP's glove

Miley Cyrus Smoked a Joint On Stage at the MTV EMAs After Winning For Best Video

God, Miley Cyrus is sooooooo cool, you guys. She's got more edge than that guy in U2 whose name is EDGE. Pulling out a marijuana

How To Make a Pumpkin Bong

It's decorative gourd season, motherf*ckers.