This Guy Came Up With 101 Ways To Repurpose (Destroy) His Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress After She Walked Out On Him


The best way to get back at an ex is to become wildly successful to the point that you can rub it in their face and make them feel like shit for breaking up with you, which is exactly what Kevin Cotter did when his wife of 12 years walked out on him in 2009.

best man speeches

Bro Gives Best Man Speech At His Brother’s Wedding, Gets The Perfect Reaction From The ‘Parents’ Table’


There isn't much to go on, since Reddit user Imn8bro (is he telling us he's a bro who has looks of an "8".

crazy women

In Case You Thought Some Women Couldn’t Get More Pathetic, Check Out ‘Solo Weddings’


Japanese women are throwing down hard earned yen to experience the joys of marriage without a dick around to screw it all up.

bryce harper

Bryce Harper’s Suit For His Wedding Sounds Sick


Would you expect something else from Bryce.

why weddings suck

7 Annoying Things Pretty Much Guaranteed To Happen At Every Wedding


In life, nothing is certain except for one thing: you’re going to attend a lot of weddings.


According To This Video, Weddings In Kyrgyzstan Involve Blacking Out, Fighting Everyone, Sobbing Uncontrollably

By | 3 Comments

I'm not sure what to believe here, because if we're being honest I'm not even positive that 'Kyrgyzstan' is a real place.

amanda bynes

Amanda Bynes Is Now Engaged To A TEENAGER Because Crazy Is As Crazy Does

By | 2 Comments

Sorry Bros, Amanda Bynes is no longer on the market because she’s been swept off her feet by some other boy, and she's got some pret-ty high standards when it comes to her choices in men.

derek jeter

Derek Jeter And Hannah Davis Might Be Getting Married This Weekend


Future Hall of Famer and current blogger Derek Jeter has jumped into retirement with both feet, catching up on projects he was forced to put on the back burner during his playing career.

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