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This Harlem Shake Wedding Vid Will Make You Forget How Sick You Were Of Harlem Shakes

I'm assuming their first dance was Gangnam Style.

The Best Bad Wedding Dancer Ever Knows How to Bust a Move

Speculate all you want about whatever substance this bridesmaid has imbibed before hitting the dance floor, but I love this girl's enthusiasm. Probably the closest

Raider Nation Holds a Wedding, And It’s Among One of the Scariest Sights You’ll Ever See

There's gangs, there's cults, there's bloodthirsty santeria taken too far, and THEN there's this wedding.  

Today’s Wedding FAIL Video Involves a Bride Finding a Groom ‘Hard’

Hey, if there's doing to be a gaffe during your blessed matrimonial union, you might as well laugh at it. That's exactly what

Watch This Horse Ruin a Wedding

When getting married I highly recommend that you don't include kids or animals that have erratic and unpredictable behavior. I think this newly

Video: Groomsmen Do Wedding Entrance Dressed as WWE Wrestlers

Men, let me define wife material for you: Any woman cool enough to let you and your groomsmen enter a wedding reception dressed

Watch a Best Man Ruin a Wedding By Giving a Toast in a Hooters Outfit

Even though this is probably the trashiest wedding toast you'll watch today, there's all sorts of WTF?! comic gold in this video.  In order to