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There’s a New Site That’ll Let You Track How Many Times You Hit It Doggy in 2014

Or missionary, if you are a loser. Loser. The website is Nipple¬†and it made its debut at South by Southwest […]

9 Things That Rhyme With ‘Hug Me,’ The Best One-Hit Website of the Day

It's the second to last Summer Friday of the year and we could all use a little distraction. Introducing Whatrhymeswithhug.me, the best one-hit wonder website

Bro Creates ‘Fuck, Marry, Kill’ Website That Uses Facebook to Pit Your Friends Against Each Other

Wasn't this kind of the intent of the original Facebook? If I remember the Social Network correctly (I get all my facts from movies loosely

6 Reasons Why We Can Never Stop Using Google

I love the convenience of the modern world because anything is possible and everything is accessible. All you need is a web connection and to