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The Funniest Web Series I’ve Ever Seen, “Next Time on Lonny,” is Back For Season 2

And it's funnier than most stuff on TV.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Starring in a Web Series Where He Crushes Shit With His Tank

Over the past few months, Arnold Schwarzenegger has become a semi-regular poster on Reddit.

Finally, a Web Series That the Bartenders, Waiters, and Waitresses of the World Can Relate To

Everyone always hopes to live a life worth writing about, worth filming, worth sharing with an audience. Not everyone does. I’m not sure if I

The Beer Drinkers’ Challenge: Who Can Kill a 30-Rack the Fastest

Bros practically invented the BDC. Anyone who says otherwise is a fuckin' liar. 

Laxaholics Anonymous: Ever Wonder Why Lax Bros Like Cocaine So Much?

As the stereotype goes, Lax bros and cocaine go together like burger and fries. The troubling subject of "laxaholics" is covered on this week's episode

Movie Night with ‘Bad Sports’

Hey, it's Wednesday, which means it's time for another episode of Bad Sports. This week Chad Whipple and the gang break down the

The Origins of the Phrase ‘Lacrosstitute’ Finally Revealed

The term "lacrosstitute" or its colloquial cousin, "laxitute," has a mysterious etymological origins in Bro culture. Tough the term has exploded

Check Out ‘City Bound,’ a Funny Web Series About Broke, Jobless Kids Who Can’t Get Off Long Island

Very much hits home, this thing. If there's a reason this looks somewhat familiar, its because this is the shit that's happening EVERYWHERE. City Bound was chosen

5 New Funny ‘Campus Security’ Web Episodes

Bored? Have some pressing work you should really push off till tomorrow? Campus Security is to the rescue! 

The ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Cast Got REALLY High, Then Filmed a Web Show with Snoop Mammal

Plus, Charlie Hunnam attempts the break the record of most "Bro" utterances in consecutive sentences. 

Check Out Comedian Christian Finnegan’s New Webseries, ‘You’re an A-Hole’

Our friends at Official Comedy have a new funny web series starring comedian Christian Finnegan called "You're an A-Hole." This episode focuses on the "Sidewalk

Season Finale of ‘Headshots’: ‘Untitled Rap Project’

In the final episode of "Headshots," all the big issues are tackled when Todd and Mike go on an audition together: Race, sex, drugs, and

Episode 7 of ‘Headshots’: ‘Utah Hag’

Todd teaches Mike a lesson in honesty. Mike teaches Todd a lesson in pharmaceuticals.

‘Headshots:’ Episode 2 - Mugging for the Camera

In the second episode of the new web series "Headshots," Mike schemes to get a new camera, while Todd has a run-in with L.A.'s criminal

‘Headshots’ Episode 1: ‘A$$hole’

You want to spend the next few minutes of your life not working and assing off on company time? Fine, here you go.