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Red Sox Ball Girl Makes Gorgeous Snag on a Wicked Short-Hop

Picking and grinning.

Kole Calhoun Robbed a Home Run With a Spectacular Leap at Fenway Park

The fence is short.

Ezequeil Carrera Made One of the Sickest Catches You’ll Ever See

It defied logic.

Sam Fuld Left Earth Completely In Order to Throw the Ball Home

Giving it all he's got.

Manny Machado Made Another One of Those Ridiculous Plays He Makes

He will not stop.

Manny Machado Has a Superhuman Arm

This guy is out of his mind.

Andrelton Simmons Made a Play You’ll Need to See to Believe

Glove? Who needs a glove?

Andrelton Simmons Made Another Spectacular Diving Catch, May Be a Sorcerer

Shortstop stuff.

The Cleveland Indians Turned the Weirdest Triple Play You’ll Ever See

All kinds of weird stuff.

Brock Holt Saves Jonny Gomes From Shame By Making a Spectacular Diving Catch

Teamwork is important.

Brandon Phillps Literally Bowed Down to Yasiel Puig’s Greatness

The Old Testament God is pissed.

Yoenis Cespedes Made the Throw of a Lifetime, May Not Be Human

Sweet mother of God.

High School Baseball Player Risks Life for Foul Ball, Makes Catch

Great effort.

High School Baseball Player Secured State Seminfinal Win With Miraculous Catch


The Minnesota Twins Teamed Up for Unconventional Web Gem


Jose Fernandez Brought the Pump Fake to Baseball

Got heeeeeem.

Is This Really the Cricket Catch of the Century?

Cricket news.

Desmond Jennings Made a Catch That Will Make You Question Your Rod and Cone Alignment


The New York Yankees Turned a 5-4-3 Triple Play With Ease

Three party.

Alcides Escobar Made a Ridiculous Over-the-Shoulder Catch


Greensboro College Turned a Delightful 9-3-2 Triple Play

Three goggles.

San Diego Padres Ballgirl Makes Terrific Catch

Nice snag.

Baseball Highlight of the Year? Minnesota Twins Mascot Caught a Baseball in His Mouth


Mississippi State’s Brett Pirtle Turned in a Sick Web Gem from His Back

Grass stains.

Josh Reddick Made One of the Finer Home Run-Robbing Catches You’ll See

How did he do that?

Todd Frazier Dove Into the Stands, Made Play of the Postseason

Todd Frazier put it all on the line last night in the National League Wild Card game. The Cincinnati Reds third baseman dove into the

Amazing Old Lady Makes Sick Grab at San Francisco Giants Game

If you’re a dude older than 12, you should NOT bring a baseball glove to a Major League Baseball Game. If you’re a woman over

Amazing Sequence at Red Sox Game Features a Great Play and Women Losing Things

Boston Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino made a tremendous leaping catch down the right-field line last night at Fenway Park. Amazingly enough, his slick grab

Oakland Athletics’ Josh Donaldson Makes the Best Tarp-Related Play You’ll Ever See

The Oakland Athletics are the best baseball team you don’t know about. They’re quietly having yet another amazing season with a bunch of names a

Kansas City Royals OF Alex Gordon Survives Collision With Wall, Makes Great Catch

Alex Gordon got up close and personal with the left-field fence this afternoon in Detroit. Love comes in all shapes and sizes, so we shouldn’t

This Game-Ending Wiffle Ball Catch Is Clearly the Wiffle Ball Play of the Year

Not many real baseball plays are as good at this. Web gem went down at the 12th annual Travis Roy Wiffle Ball Tournament at Little

High School Baseball Player Makes Big-League Catch

This ridiculous grab happened during an all-star game between the best players in Maryland and Pennsylvania but I’ll stop inundating you with data and show

Watch a Six Year-Old Make one of the Better Web Gems You’ll See All Year

Most impressive part about all this may be his fundamentals. Flawless, and put himself in position to make the excellent play. 

6-Year-Old Baseball Player Makes Incredible Diving Play

The kid’s name is Nathan Lewis and he should retire from competitive baseball right now because nothing in his career will ever compare to this

Aaron Hicks Makes Slick Leaping Catch Against Wall to Save Game, Pays the Price in Pain

Minnesota Twins outfielder Aaron Hicks hasn’t torn the circuit up with his bat, but he’s more than made up for it with his glove. All

Carlos Gomez Steals Home Run on Final Out of Game With Sick Leaping Grab

Walk-off hits are so passé. Walk-off web gems are the new hotness.

Manny Machado Threw a Guy Out at First Base While Practically Falling Into the Dugout

Baltimore Orioles phenom Manny Machado has a lot of baseball people hot and bothered with his amazing skill set. He’s well on his way to

Minnesota Twins Ball Boy Makes Incredible Catch

It’s only fair that, after years of posting ball boy and ball girl fails, we show you an example of one excelling at their job.

San Diego Padres CF Will Venable Made a Ridiculous Game-Saving Catch

San Diego Padres’ Will Venable made a catch last night that was equal parts amazing and timely. His Jim Edmonds-like backward dive in deep center

Los Angeles Angels CF Peter Bourjos May Have Made the Catch of the Year

Los Angeles Angeles manager Mike Scioscia has taken some heat for moving young phenom Mike Trout to left field in favor of Peter Bourjos. But