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This Is the Weatherman Erection Blooper to End Weatherman Erection Bloopers

Newsmen stand in front of a green screen, leaving them in constant danger of not being able to see embarrassing content happening behind them. It's

Metta World Peace Does the Weather, Continues to be Insane

With what seems to be absolutely no preperation, save maybe a few swigs of Hennessy, the Lakers' Metta World Peace did the weather on CTV

The Texas Rangers’ Derek Holland Played Weatherman for a While

What a multi-faceted human being the Dutch Oven is. Fun fact learned in this clip is that he actually attended a university for

How to Give a Weather Broadcast Like a Bro

Today we learned that Alpena Michigan's WBKB boasts the Tom Haverford of meterorlogists. Just take a look at a few money quotes from