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There’s Another Polar Vortex and There Will Never Not Be Another Polar Vortex Because Polar Vortex Until We Die

Perhaps we should start worshiping another deity.

Remember the Polar Vortex? It’s Back. In Summer Form.

That, right there, is a seamlessly shoehorned Simpsons reference.

The Firenado is Real and Terrifying

Not good.

Insane Video Shows a Tornado Barreling Into Office Building in Italy

I didn't even know that tornadoes existed in Italy.

National Weather Service Warns of Southern Storm with Pretty Over-the-Top Message

A couple of weeks ago a winter storm crippled Atlanta and other parts of the South. Judging from CNN’s non-stop, […]

Check Out This Amazing Luge Built in a Minnesota Backyard

When life gives you five feet of snow, you make lemonade. Some guys in Cologne, Minnesota did winter right this […]

The Polar Vortex II Is Coming to ONCE AGAIN KILL US ALL

You thought it was safe to go outside. You thought you could put the ice-scraper away. You thought you were done being mildly inconvenienced by cold weather. WELL

Watch What Happens When You Pee Outside in -50 Degree Weather

It's so cold in Minnesota that they have Pee Fog.

6 Things to Do When It’s Ridiculously Cold Outside

Look, you already know that parts of the country are dealing with devastatingly brutal conditions. I mean, no shit, it's cold enough to turn Jonah Falcon into a

You’re Never Going to Get Home for Thanksgiving

Last night, I had a two-and-a-half hour delay in a LaGuardia gate with NO BAR and food options that were limited to Auntie Anne's pretzels

News Anchor Hilariously Loses His Mind Over Viewers’ Pictures of Snow-Covered Patio Furniture

Colorado news anchor Kyle Clark receives one kind of photo whenever winter weather sets in: The picture of snow-covered patio furniture. He recently explained why he's so

The Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds Played a Baseball Game No One Could See

The Cincinnati Reds and Chicago Cubs played a game at Wrigley Field last night. Well, we think they played a game. It was pretty goddamn

Here’s Chilling Footage of a Massive Tornado Touching Down in Georgia

Our Southern friends were hit with a huge storm system passing over them today, and in Georgia at least, it brought with it a terrifying

15 Pictures of a Totally Empty New York Subway System

Hurricane Sandy has already affected New York City in unprecedented ways—supermarkets have run out of essentials, thousands of people have been told to evacuate certain

Want to Watch Hurricane Sandy Hit the East Coast? Here Are 10 Webcams That Should Help [UPDATED]

If you live on the Eastern seaboard, you're going to die tomorrow. There's no way for me to tell you this gently. You're going to

Mike Napoli Taped a Tornado For You

A series of tornadoes were spotted in the Dallas area an hour or so ago, including one that damaged buildings on the ground. Texas Rangers

How to Give a Weather Broadcast Like a Bro

Today we learned that Alpena Michigan's WBKB boasts the Tom Haverford of meterorlogists. Just take a look at a few money quotes from

This is What It Looks Like When an Apocalyptic Dust Storm Devours Phoenix

The greater city of Phoenix experienced some sort of freaky, End-of-Times-esque dust cloud (known as a “habub”) that rolled out of the desert and pretty