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Wayne Rooney Scored a Goal That Will Force You to Dwell on the Glaring Inadequacies in Your Life

It's better than anything you'll ever do.

Wayne Rooney Scored a Goal That Will Cure Any Hangover

Wayne Rooney's 150th career English Premier League goal was spectacular and important. It helped Manchester United overcome a two-goal deficit to Hull City in a

Here’s Wayne Rooney’s Super-Gross Forehead Gash

Manchester United star Wayne Rooney missed Sunday’s match against Liverpool after suffering a nasty forehead gash caused by a nasty collision with teammate Phil Jones

Sports Links For June 14th: The Wayne Rooney’s Hair Edition

Solid 'do, Wanye. Here's the rest of your sports fix on this fine, fine Thursday. 

  • Craziest Bench Clearing Brawls In Sports [Bleacher Report]
  • Note: Scotty Brooks

When Soccer Celebrations Go Hollywood, We All Win

This is just a master’s course in Internet use. Some savvy YouTuber has paired theatrical soccer goal celebrations with cheap Hollywood special effects. The result

Video: Wayne Rooney’s Epic Bicycle Kick Goal

Wayne Rooney Bicycle Kick Goal

The entire soccer (nee football) world is talking about Wayne Rooney's incredible bicycle kick goal today in Manchester