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Hot Model in Swimsuit Eating Watermelon Is Strangely Erotic

The word 'juicy' comes to mind.

This Guy Can Cut Up a Watermelon in 20 Seconds, Which Is a Lot Cooler Than It Sounds

Yeah, I normally wouldn't believe me either. This dude's amazing knife-wielding skills are an exception, though. Amazing he's still got all 10 fingers. 

PSA: If You Put Enough Rubber Bands Around a Watermelon It Will Explode

You're going to waste a lot of good watermelon if you try this but the explosion will also result in an awesome rubber band ball.

Apropos of Nothing, Here’s a Video of a Girl Crushing a Watermelon in a Thong

This video is over a year old, but we just recent discovered it. This chick has vice-like thighs of steel and use those nutcrackers to