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The Washington Redskins Had Quite the Dance Off Before Practice Today

Involving a 325-pound defensive lineman.

The Redskins Hazed Rookie Kicker Zach Hocker By Giving Him a Horrific Haircut, He Put It On Instagram

Rough hairstyle to walk around town with, looks like he has a fucking beaver pelt placed across the top of his head.

Kirk Cousins Has Joined Jay Cutler in the Conversion Van Club

He should be the starter.

Dude Got Arrested After He Told A Newspaper That The Redskins Should Keep Their Name But Make The Mascot A Potato

Who doesn't like red potatoes?

RG3′s Squat Routine Looks Trill as Fuck

He's back.

Jon Stewart Thinks the Washington Redskins Trademark Issue Will Impact the Butt Cream Industry

Butt news.

John Oliver Hilariously Compares the Redskins Keeping Their Name to Other Terrible Things

Comedy Central can't be happy they let Oliver go weeks before Colbert decided to leave.

Native Americans Will Run an Anti-Redskins Ad During the NBA Finals Tonight

Ya know, because it's offensive and all.

50 Senators Send Letter Urging Washington Redskins to Change Name

Not going away.

RG3 REALLY Wants You to Know He REALLY Wants to Win a Super Bowl


A Washington Redskins-Themed Assualt Rifle Maybe Isn’t the Best Idea

We hope you immediately understand why.

Stephen Colbert’s Take on the Redskins’ New Charity Is the Only Hot Take You Need

Colbert remains the best.

Why Yes, the Redskins Hired a Man Who Loves Racial Slurs to Advise Them on Their Racist Name

The Washington Redskins' history of PR disasters is fucking astounding under Dan Snyder. 

Cheap Bastard Dan Snyder Gives Apples as Christmas Bonuses

The Washington Redskins are one of the most profitable franchises in the NFL. 

Guess Which (Horribly-Run, Inept) NFL Franchise Refuses to Share a Photo of Its Christmas Tree?

Today, the Wall Street Journal decided to rank every Christmas tree NFL franchises set up in their facility this year. 

The Redskins’ Chris Baker Has the New Best Celebration GIF on the Internet

Even if I wasn't a Redskins fan, I would still use this GIF all the time to send to people after a #WIN. 

Sad Robert Griffin Is Very Sad

Robert Griffin III has been benched. The decision drove Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan to openly question his own father. (He's probably not returning next season.) Mike stands by

Everything About The Washington Redskins is Amazing Right Now

Somehow, the Washington Redskins are 3-10 and still the most exciting team in the NFL. 

The Survivor & Thursday Night NFL Picks Stop at the Washington Circus

So we're obviously going to lead into this week's picks with talk of Robert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan. One can't avoid talking about the

Nobody Came Back to the Redskins Game After Halftime

If a massive ice storm was barreling down on your city, would you want to sit and watch your favorite NFL team get absolutely worked?

Mike Shanahan Almost Quit as Redskins Coach Says Source Who Totally Isn’t Mike Shanahan

A report by ESPN.com's Dan Graziano says Mike Shanahan was ready to quit at the end of the 2012 season. 

Pierre Garcon Channels All His Anger, Kicks Ball Into Stands

The Washington Redskins’ season is past the point of being sad and is now officially funny. Last night’s error-filled loss to the New York Giants

Here Are Two GIFs That Sum Up The Perpetual-Breath Holding That Is Being a Redskins Fan Now

And as I was writing this, Robert Griffin THA THIRD just threw a touchdown pass. I don't know what to do with my life anymore. 

Aldon Smith Declares War on Robert Griffin III’s Balls

Robert Griffin III is having a terrible year. His remarkable rookie season seems but a distant memory. He’s embroiled in a classic sophomore slump.

The Redskins’ On-Field Failures Are Affecting One Guy’s Performance in Bed

A poor performance by your team on the field Sunday can certainly affect your mood. 

LeSean McCoy Gives No F*cks

Last meeting, LeSean McCoy ran buck wild against the Redskins.

We Pledge to Deliver the Week 9 Survivor and Thursday Night NFL Picks

Please wait until the beep to leave a voicemail for Jonathan Martin… 

Dickish Jay Cutler Makes the Best Vines

For all I know, Jay Cutler could be the nicest individual in the world. But I hope not, because he is so good at coming across

Cartoonist Compares Redskins Logo With Swastika, Confederate Flag

There’s nothing like a good political cartoon to get blood flowing to your dick early in the morning and today’s New York Daily News effort

Brighten Your Day with a Very, Very Angry Redskins Sports Radio Caller

The Redskins are 1-4, and Kel from Suitland is doing well.

Bob Costas Gave a Preachy Half-Time Essay About Why the Redskins Need to Change Their Name

Bob Costas loves to offer his opinion on the national talking points of the day. This usually occurs in the form of an essay with a

Here’s an Incredibly Complex Robert Griffin III Haircut

Robert Griffin III’s return to the Washington Redskins hasn’t been the feel-good story many were expecting. The team sits at 1-3 and Griffin appears to

Overachieving Washington Redskins LB Tackles Two Guys at Once

OMG something worthwhile happened in a fourth NFL preaseason game--and just when I’d run out of negative things to say about this completely pointless tradition.

This is the Most Amazing Washington Redskins Shirt Ever Made

What diseased mind dreamt up this masterpiece? It looks like the result of a person smoking weed all night and watching Face/Off on repeat.

Couple Spends Honeymoon at Washington Redskins Training Camp. Why?

Quick, list 10 places you’d think would make for a good honeymoon locale. Done? Bet you didn’t list “Washington Redskins training camp.”

Here’s the Washington Post’s Gruesome Cover Depicting Robert Griffin III’s Injury

Eat your heart out, New York Post. This is the most brutal front cover I've seen in quite some time.

Introducing RG3Woman, RGIII’s Superhot Superfan Who Dresses Up as a Superhero

Her name is Lauren Bacon (probably only has like 3 degrees to Kevin Bacon), she is 26-years-old and thanks to dressing up like this on Halloween,

New York Giants Fans, Washington Redskins Fans Beat the Hell Out of Each Other

Whenever I see idiots fighting in the stands, I wonder how they were able to get the money necessary to buy their seats.

Bro Move: Chris Cooley Tried to Negotiate Beer Into New Redskins Contract

Chris Cooley has always been a Washingotn fan-favorite. This story gives us indication that the love was duly justified. 

The Washington Redskins Are Atrocious Golfers

Just because you're a great athlete, does not make you a great golfer.