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Bryce Harper Threw Some Serious Shade at the Atlanta Braves Yesterday

With his feet.

Bryce Harper’s ‘This Is SportsCenter’ Commercial Is Here

Harp shows off his sensitive side.

A Pissed Off Bryce Harper Tried to Break His Bat and Failed Miserably

Poor Bryce.

Bryce Harper Hit Three Home Runs Yesterday

Bryce back.

Here’s Bryce Harper Dropping a Bomb in His Second Rehab Start

Bryce back.

The Nats’ Jayson Werth Had the Sickest Steal of the Year

He always won 'tag' as a child.

Pink Shoes, Camo Cargos, USMNT Jersey: Bryce Harper Bro’ed Hardest This Weekend

And a Dallas Cowboys hat.

Jayson Werth Went FULL BRO During Batting Practice

Good look.

Washington Nationals Fan Wipes His Bare Armpit, Smells It, Then Shoves It in His Chick’s Face

Does this smell to you like a rotted onion?

I Can’t Stop Watching Abraham Lincoln Birth a Human Head


Stephen Strasburg Has Himself an Excellent ‘SportsCenter’ Commercial Now

Never steal another man's lunch.

There’s a Guy on the Nationals Whose Walk-Up Songs Are All From ‘Frozen’

There's nothing wrong with adoring Idina.

Bryce Harper’s New Commercial For Gatorade Is Intense, Inexplicable

He is literally drenched in Gatorade.

Bryce Harper Just Crushed a Home Run That Touched the Upper Reaches of Space

He's not human.

Welp, Looks Like Bryce Harper Is Already in Midseason Form

And not in a good way.

Bryce Harper Had Some Profound Thoughts About Giraffes This Weekend

Oh, Bryce.

Bryce Harper Will Be Smashing Bombs to Katy Perry This Season

Hell yes, he will.

If You Thought Bryce Harper Was a Douche Before, Wait Until You See This Photo

Hmm. Is there anything in this above photo of Bryce Harper that isn't douchey?

Bryce Harper Got Hit With a Pitch, Boiled Over With Rage

Bryce Harper took extreme exception to being plunked by Atlanta’s Julio Teheran last night and he let everyone know about it.

Washington Nationals Pitching Coach Steve McCatty Was in Playgirl; He’ll Never Hear the End of It

When Washington Nationals pitching coach Steve McCatty was younger, he made the regrettable decision to pose for Playgirl. The results were predictably hilarious.

Bryce Harper Ran Face-First Into Fence, Needed 11 Stitches

Bryce Harper is young and reckless. The Washington Nationals outfielder ran headfirst into the right-field wall at Dodger Stadium last night, opening up a deep

Washington Nationals Pitcher Gio Gonzalez Got Extremely Intimate With His Hand Last Night

Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez tossed six scoreless innings and hit a home run in last night’s 3-0 win over the Miami Marlins. He also

Bryce Harper Homered in His First Two At-Bats of the Year

Bryce Harper is on pace for 324 home runs this year. Will he actually hit that many? That’s a clown question, Bro.

Washington Nationals Fan Informs News Team That Loss ‘Was Bullsh*t’

I don’t know how diehard Washington Nationals fans even woke up today. Their team squandered away a six-run lead to the St. Louis Cardinals on

Jayson Werth Blacked Out, Hit a Walk-Off Homer for the Washington Nationals

For one day, Jayson Werth was worth every penny the Washington Nationals paid for him.

Check Out Bryce Harper’s Blood-Red Contacts

Washington Nationals rookie extraordinaire and noted Bro Bryce Harper is sporting some bloody awesome contacts for this afternoon’s National League Division Series tilt against the

Finally! After 525 Losses, Teddy Roosevelt Wins His First Ever Washington Nationals Race

It was a day as momentous as Rushmore at Nationals' Park today: Teddy Roosevelt finally, finally, finally won his first ever Presidents' Race.

Here’s the Best Catch of the MLB Season So Far

We've been so wrapped up in Olympics coverage lately that we almost missed this today. 

Bryce Harper Bro Watch: What He’s Doing in the Offseason, Plus His Sick Ride

In addition to being baseball's best young talent since Bryce Harper, the 19 year-old phenom is looking to pick up in offseason job. 

Bryce Harper Absolutely Killed a Baseball

Bryce Harper hit his seventh Major League home run last night. I’m not sure if it’s actually landed yet.

Can Bryce Harper Live Up to His Insane Hype?

Even if you’re not a baseball fan, you’ve probably heard of Bryce Harper, 19-year-old stud outfielder for the Washington Nationals, by now. He’s the youngest

This is What Bryce Harper’s First MLB Home Run Looked Like

It took Bryce Harper 15 games and 54 at-bats to hit his first major league home run. He’ll need to go deep more often than

Bryce Harper Hit a Wall With His Bat, Cut His Face Open

Bryce Harper fell victim to his own youthful exuberance yesterday. In the process of going 0-for-5 and striking out three times, the Washington Nationals rookie

Cole Hamels Hit Bryce Harper on Purpose, So the Phenom Stole Home Plate

Bryce Harper stole home plate last night and he did it mostly out of spite. After being plunked intentionally by Philadelphia Phillies’ Cole Hamels, the

Just Watch this Throw Bryce Harper Made

Bryce Harper continues to do Bryce Harper things. Last night, caught a fly ball in deep left field and uncorked an absolute missile to home

Bryce Harper Plays Softball at Washington Monument

I know some softball teams bring in ringers to win games, but having the best prospect in baseball taking hacks for your squad

How to Do a Great Bryce Harper Impression

Bryce Harper busted onto the Major League scene this weekend, getting his first hit, showing off his rocket-fueled arm, and making a slick

Some Guy Mooned the Cameras During Bryce Harper’s First Major League Hit

The much-ballyhooed super Major League Baseball prospect Bryce Harper made his debut tonight for the Washington Nationals. The 19-year-old notched his first Major League hit

Rick Ankiel Has a Stupid Arm

Do not run on Rick Ankiel. Ever. The converted pitcher turned a routine fly ball to center field into a highlight reel play by throwing

If You Go to a Nationals Game You Can Indulge on an 8 Pound, $59 StrasBurger

For you faithful Washington Nationals fans you've got a lot to look forward to this season. The Phillies are a much weaker team with their