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The New Face of Public Transportation in D.C. is Adolf Hitler

nbd, probs.

D.C. Is Hosting a Week Celebrating Millennials and I Couldn’t Finish This Headline Because I Hung Myself


D.C. Man Changes the Dick Pic Game, Skips the Texting Part

A Washington, D.C. man was arrested this morning for allegedly walking up to women on the Metro and showing them […]

A Bar in D.C. Is Throwing a ‘Yoga Pants Party’

And it's about as... well, I don't know what it is. Wrong? Okay? It could be anything. 

Drunk People Keep Falling Off The Escalators In The DC Metro (And We Have Video)

It's getting so bad Metro has issued a statement advising riders against using the system while drunk. 

Crazy Obscenity-Hurling Woman in Washington D.C. Attacks News Crew

"She was raised by wolves " is a common thing to say when you encounter someone who doesn't know how to act like a proper

DC Bros and Babes: Get Your Tickets for Wingfest 2012 This Saturday!

WingFest 2012 in New York was epic. See for yourself. That said, BroBible, in conjunction with Streaker Sports, is pleased to announce our first WingFest D.C.

LAST DAY to Get Your New York City WingFest 2012 Tickets!!

New York City WingFest 2012 is TOMORROW, September 29. The parties will feature 3 hours of all-you-can-eat wings from the best venues in each city and all-you-can-drink

Check Out This Dope Pre-Trillectro Compilation Mix

If you vibe with hip hop or electronic music, you’ll wish you were at Trillectro in Washington, DC this Saturday. The day-long music festival features

Guess What City of F*cking Sh*theads Leads The Nation in Cursing?

The folks at Career-Builder decided to conduct the best survey a site like Career-Builder could've possibly come up with, and here are the results. 

Shocker: Think Tanker Discovers That Being Attractive Can Help Political Popularity

Political news beautifully tag-teamed by the New York Times and the Washington Post helps us discover that people gravitate towards attractive women. And here I

Massive Brawl Brings Washington D.C. Hip-Hop Award Show to Abrupt Halt

A hip-hop award show in Washington D.C. escalated into chaos over over the weekend. Take it away, Washington Post: An estimated 1,500 artists, promoters, bloggers and

VIDEO: DC Metro Escalator Causes an Avalanche of People When Brakes Stop Working

Last time I visited friends in DC, a buddy greeted me at a NoVA Metro Station and warned me to take the stairs rather than

VIDEO: Drunk Redskins Fans Brawl in the Bleachers of FedEx Field

This afternoon some cannibalistic douche from Pittsburgh (which is not my hometown, to those who ask) had the balls to send me this e-mail: Joe PA,   What