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Here’s a Tribute to Walter White That Will Give ‘Breaking Bad’ Fans the Chills

Breaking Bad ended last September.

Israeli Soccer Team Displays Awesome Walter White Banner


Walter White Now Has a Facebook ‘Look Back’ Video

Breaking Bad is over, but it’s probably going to live on thanks to Internet mashups for some time. Can’t, quite […]

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Read the ‘Breaking Bad’ Finale Script Together, Get Emotional

This video will likely disappear sooner rather than later, so I’ll keep it brief. This is perfect. And seeing the primaries so infatuated with the

Someone Drew Every Outfit Walter White Wore in ‘Breaking Bad’

What do you do when you have too much time on your hand and love Breaking Bad?

An Obituary for Walter White Ran in the Albuquerque Journal Today

Breaking Bad filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico over the last six or so years, and while the town originally wasn't too thrilled with its "meth capital of

‘Breaking Bad’ Apparently Ends With a Weird Threesome

Boy, if this actually happens, there are going to be some pretty distraught people. Think of all the senseless killing and emotional strife that could

Walter White in ‘Game of Thrones’ Would Be Badass

Our good friend Lance, who left us last week, has two favorite television shows. One is Breaking Bad and the other is Game of Thrones. I

‘Breaking Bad’ Cooked Up Some Pretty Sick Ratings

Hey, did you watch Breaking Bad last night? Good for you. So did everyone else.

Which Breaking Bad Characters Are Going to Die?

With one of the most epic, violent series' in television history reaching its aggressive tipping point, we thought we'd take a

Commence the Brain Exploding with NEW BREAKING BAD TEASER. Hank is Very Angry.

Jesse looks like doomsday, and Hank is very angry. As Reggie Noble notes, likely cause "someone disagreed with his claim to make a 'mean margarita.'"

Everyone Go Streaking, Because There Is a Teaser + Poster for the Final ‘Breaking Bad’ Season

Breaking Bad is a show on flatscreen devices and on Netflix. Its about a White Walter who devastates mortals and ascends to the Throne of

9 Things We Now Know About the Final Breaking Bad Episodes, and Creator Vince Gilligan

There are countdowns telling you when Breaking Bad will finally begin its loudly discussed conclusion, meaning that it's not too far away. August

The First Photo for the Final Season of ‘Breaking Bad’ Has Surfaced. What Does It Mean?

Spoilers, so don't click if you're not caught up. Unless that's your thing. Snape kills Dumbledore. 

Conan O’Brien’s Hour-Long Panel with the Creator and Cast of ‘Breaking Bad’ Is a Must-See for Fans

I've just got done with this and WOW is this awesome for fans of Breaking Bad, aka everyone's favorite show to discuss in an overly passionate, voice-raised

‘Breaking Bad, The Wire Style’ Is a Must-Watch for Fans of Either Show

Got to keep that Heisenberg, way down in the hole. 

Here’s What a ‘Breaking Bad’ Thanksgiving Dinner Would Look Like

I didn’t have high hopes for this, but it was pretty spot-on. The fella playing Jesse Pinkman has his voice down pat.

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul Star in ‘Breaking Brokeback,’ Another Hilarious ‘Breaking Bad’ Parody

"Cooking meth takes chemistry."

Funny Stuff: ‘Breaking Bad’ Gets the Sitcom Treatment

What does the meth masterpiece look like with a laughtrack and a Kramer-esque Flynn? For fans of the show, it's a must watch. 

Breaking Bad Recap Season 5, Episode 7: ‘Say My Name’

Walter White’s ego has been on the rise for quite sometime now. Finally checked, is the moment where he starts to break?

Albuquerque Store Selling ‘Meth Candy,’ Inspired by Walt’s Famous Crystal Blue

I do not on being a parent for quite sometime, but the prospect of buying my kid "meth candy" seems a bit...yea. 

A Real Man Named Walter White Is Wanted for Manufacturing Meth

Walter White exists in real life, folks—and he's really a meth manufacturer.

This Alternate Ending to Last Week’s ‘Breaking Bad’ is Even More Shocking Than the Real One

(SPOILER ALERT) If you didn't know, now you know.

Breaking Bad Recap Season 5, Episode 4: ‘51’

Fortunately or unfortunately (the second one), we’ve reached the halfway point of this year’s installment of the Increasingly Evil Genius Chronicles. And if this episode

‘Breaking Bad’ Recap Season 5, Episode 3: ‘Hazard Pay’

Is it a bit sad that we’re nearly halfway through this year’s cut of Season 5? Absolutely. Yet if this table-setting episode was any indication

Breaking Bad Recap Season 5, Episode 2: ‘Madrigal’

Prior episodes have insinuated that a larger German conglomerate is actually the primary heavyweight in the Los Pollos Hermanos drug empire. Madrigal Electromotive, finally introduced

Breaking Bad Recap Season 5, Episode 1: ‘Live Free or Die’

Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils. -American General John Stark, 1809

This May Be the Greatest ‘Breaking Bad’ Tribute Video

I think this just may be the greatest "Breaking Bad" tribute out there. It's chock-full of scenes from seasons one through four. 

Breaking Bad Watch: Walter Owning Jesse Supercut, Plus Saul Getting His Own Show?

'Breaking Bad,' widely considered the best show currently on television by bloggers who like to ram their actually-not-at-all superior pop-culture tastes down your throat (this

First Clip From Final ‘Breaking Bad’ Season Has Hit The Web

Here's an unexpected surprise for all you Walter White worshippers--the first real look at the final chapter of AMC's meth epic. 

New Breaking Bad Trailer is as Awesome as it Sounds

Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman, stated that the next and final installment of AMC's epic series was going to be "a bloodbath." Looks like

Watch This Awesome ‘Breaking Bad’ POV Montage

"Breaking Bad" is known for its outstanding writing, but, for a television show, the cinematography is magnificent. This amazing compilation of POV shots