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Twelve Year-Old Arrested For Stealing A School Bus And Going To Walmart, Released, Then Promptly Steals Another One

Why go somewhere fun when you can go to Walmart?

Woman Loses Her Mind in Wal-Mart Parking Lot When Confronted For Leaving Her Dog in a Hot Car for 90 Minutes

Don't leave your dogs sitting in a hot car for 90 minutes, you guys.

Watch a Girl Take a Piss THROUGH HER JEANS in the Middle of Walmart, Because Innumerable Reasons

I honestly haven't been inside of a Walmart in maybe 15 years, but the store has bathrooms, right?

Walmart Shopper Shoves Her Hand Up Her Ass Crack and THEN Things Get Gross

Someone get this chick on TLC's My Strange Addiction and do it IMMEDIATELY.

Chinese Wal-Mart Tried to Replace Missing Donkey Meat With Fox Flesh

China. The Florida of Earth. 

22 Reasons Every Guy Should Hate Black Friday

Now that Halloween is over, it is time to start getting ready for the single greatest day of the year, Black Friday.

This GIF Certainly Rises to the Occasion, Plus Your Best Links of the Day

Talk about a "bender." Via. Don't Forget to follow BroBible on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google Plus.  

America Officially Sends Pitbull Into Exile

You may remember a few weeks back when we posted that two comedians were trying to send Pitbull to Kodiak Alaska by trolling a Facebook

Strangers Talking to My Wife on My Invisible Phone in Walmart

Pranking unsuspecting strangers in Walmart is hilarious good fun.

Walmart Kicked The Ugliest Woman in the World Out For Wearing Bikini in Store (w/Video)

Jim Norton's big sister might be the ugliest piece of sh*t my eyes have ever seen. I can't even believe she made an honest attempt

Watch a Man Get Tased by the Police Outside an Alabama Wal-Mart

This is rich. Anthony Scott Smith and his wife, Chrisanna Elizabeth Smith, were shopping in a Foley, Alabama Wal-Mart last Friday when they noticed a

Driverless John Deere Wreaks Havoc in Wal-Mart Parking Lot

They say that "nothing runs like a Deere." But how does that pricey piece of farm equipment run when a seemingly ghost-driven in a Walmart