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Can You Be Addicted To Greed? One I-Banker Bro’s Tale

Damn... This former Wall Street I-Banker Bro really lost his shit, mostly because it sounds like he never really had his shit together.

7 Things You Need to Know About How the Fraternity-to-Finance Industry Pipeline Works on Wall Street

Bloomberg published a very interesting article today about the Good Old Boys Club on Wall Street and how fraternity culture ties into I-Banking hiring practices. Some are

You’re a Dumbass If You Think a ‘JP Morgan CEO’ Actually Wrote This ‘Letter to a Gold Digging Girl’

This chain e-mail is older than Gordon Gekko's syphilitic mistress, yet people won't stop e-mailing it to us today because they just discovered the Internet or something.  Hey

Wall Street Douchebags Attempt to Cheat Broker Out of Deal, Get Blasted Online

It's tough to feel a ton of sympathy for real estate brokers, who are, to put it bluntly, overpaid. But you've got to feel for

Bro Writes Weak Cover Letter, Has Everyone on Wall Street Fighting Over Who Gets to Hire Him

This humble cover letter has gone viral around the Wall Street circle because of its honesty. The internship-seeking applicant gives a very accurate picture of

Just Two Businessmen in New York’s Financial District ‘Fighting’ Over a Cab

It's the middle of the day in New York's Financial District. You're wearing a suit, you're possibly about to head to an important meeting. Maybe

When Writing Cover Letter, Don’t Forget To Mention How Much You Bench

Creating an effective cover letter is a touch-and-feel kind of thing. You don't want to sell yourself short and you don't want to slap yourself

How to Use Wall Street Buzzwords in Everyday Bro Life

Every Bro knows "Greed is good," the quintessential Wall Street term made popular not just in the movies but in the high-risks, high-rewards world of

CNBC Lists 25 Guys to Avoid on Wall Street

CNBC just released a funny and probably very accurate list of "25 Guys to Avoid on Wall Street," although some of the slots are women

How ‘The Matrix’ is Like Your First Two Years in Investment Banking

Every week I hear all my friends toiling away at big bank jobs for 100 hours a week complain about how bad the investment banking

VIDEO: Eighth-Grader Explains High-Frequency Trading Crash

Future Bert the Broker? Never. Dude is a legend. For a school project, William Arnuk spliced together a decently intelligent video about the flash crash

Want to Start a Hedge Fund? Just Follow Vanity Fair’s Easy 7-Step Guide

The release of "Wall Street 2" last week only reinforced a long-held reality: that there are a million Bud Foxes and and Jake Moores (that's

Week 4: Gordon Gekko & Co. Offer Insight Into This Week’s Big Games

  “I don’t like losses sport. Nothing ruins my day more than losses.” —Gordon Gekko Just as the Gator game was kicking off last week, I had

The 15 Most Outlandish Wall Street Indulgences

"Wall Street 2: The Money Never Sleeps" opens tonight, and with Gordon Gekko finally out of jail, and that skinny dude from "Transformers" trying to

The Top 10 Bros of the Financial Crisis

Ever since the financial system collapse of 2008, the mass media has been trying to scapegoat and shame the CEOs of some of the country's