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University of Michigan’s Show About ‘Walk of Shame Shuttle’ Heads to VH1

Here's a novel idea.

Of Course the Best ‘Walk Of Shame’ Picture Ever Was Taken at Penn State

This picture right here is Penn State in a nutshell.  No place in the universe like State College in the […]

A Spring Break Orgy in Cancun, Plus Hot MILFs Make the Best Neighbors

No time for chit-chat, submit your Hook Up Heroes stories here. 

Is It Better to Go to Your Place or Hers, Can a Girl Be Too H*rny, and a Would You Rather From Hell

It's mailbag time, Bros. We've got a lot in store for you in this Tuesday edition so let's get right down to business. Remember to

Here’s a Mock-Commercial for the University of Michigan’s Now-Infamous ‘Walk of Shame Shuttle’

Last week we broke the news about a budding entreprenuer who's opening a "Walk of Shame" shuttle service in Ann Arbor. This week

A University of Michigan Student Created a ‘Walk of Shame Shuttle Service’ (UPDATED)

Oh, college! The things people do for a little beer money and to make ends meet: feast on Ramen, donate plasma, charge for cups at