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Watch the Invention of Redneck Wakeboarding, Which Is Wakeboarding Behind Horses

This is so awesomely dumb, and it'll make you want to throw in a fat lip and try it right away.

I Want to Go Wakeboarding In a Cranberry Bog So Badly Right Now

One of my favorite wakeboarding videos of all time is Minnesota-bred wakeboarder Josh Tranby shredding a cranberry bog during a Red Bull "Winch" Session. In a

Wake Boarding in a Canal with a Jeep Wrangler Looks FUN.

Wake boarding in a canal isn't anything new, but it's looks pretty fun. Thus, here's another bucket list item, courtesy of Devin Graham. 

This Wakeboarding Video Is Awesome For More Reasons Than Just the Wakeboarding

I mean, the wakeboarding is pretty good too. Cheers to summer, indeed. A whole lot of eye candy in Jimmy Lariche's latest shred reel, via

This Is How Wakeboarding Should Always Be Done

Meet Robert Pokovec and Dominik Hernler, two daredevils who seem prone to shredding up some of the most beautiful spots in the world. Here's footage of

The Best Wakeboarding Sizzle Reel You’ll Watch Today

I can't remember the last wakeboarding video we've featured around here. That's a bad thing. Fortunately our buddy Patrick Wieland of Slingshot Wake just passed

‘Ride the Wake’ with Collin Harrington and Friends: The Best Wake Montage You’ll Watch Today

Look, we've got spring fever and it's been a while since we've posted any wake smut. Collin Harrington's latest video -- Ride the

So, Wakesurfing with Dolphins is an Awesome New Bucket List Item

If you're in the habit of keeping a bucket list, here's an item to add: Surfing the wake of a boat with frolicking,

Wakeboarding In Alaska Looks Cold and Awesome

I can't imagine anything more exhilarating -- and chilly -- than shredding the cold, cerulean waters of an Alaskan ice field. This trailer, featuring legendary

Video: Wakeboarding a Swamp in Louisiana

Since we've neglected wakeboarding for far too long, here's a cool video from that dropped last week. Red Bull's wakeboarding team recently took

The Teaser for ‘Lipsmack: Olivier Derome’ Is Wakeboarding Bliss

Gosh, it's been months since we've featured a wakeboarding teaser. And that's unforunate, really. Our buddies over at SlingshotSports.com recently dropped this sick teaser for

‘Salt Boarding’ on Empty Desert Salt Flats Seems Like a Good Time

Another awesome video from Devin Super Tramp, this time for Utah's BLANK snowboards. It's like wake boarding for landlubbers.

Today In Wake P*rn: The First Look at Slingshot’s ‘Lipsmack’

It's been a very wake-heavy September here at BroBible. First there was Shane Bonifay pulling off the first ever double roll switch. Then came the

Watch the Trailer for ‘Noisia Vision,’ a Wakeskating Movie That’s Being Touted As a Gamechanger

Via Alliance Wake comes the trailer for "Noisia Vision," a wakeskating movie that's being lauded as a "gamechanger" in terms of skill and technicality. It's

The Trailer for ‘Defy, The Danny Harf Project’ Is Sublime

This is one of the better wakeboarding trailers we've ever watched. Blue sky. Azure water. Helicopters. Crazy kicker set-ups. Overall, a perfect "10." Can't wait

Watch Wakeboarder Shane Bonifay Pull the First Ever Double Roll Switch

Here's wakeboarder Shane Bonifay getting down to business and pulling wakeboarding's first doc*mented double roll ts 180 switch. The move is just gross.

Wakeboarding The Hurricane Irene Aftermath

Not nearly as cool as jet skiing flooded streets, but these men still figure out a way to have fun in a backyard

13 Minutes of Wake Shredding from the CIE Spring Ride at Bass Lake

It's been far too long since we've had a little wake adult entertainment, but fortunately our friends at Action Junkies just hooked us up with

Let’s Recover from a Scorching Summer Weekend with Jimmy Trask’s Latest Wake P*rn

Truth: Monday's suck and this weekend was beaucoup hot, like, everywhere. But, rather than fussing about the scalding temperatures and stuffy weather like a bunch

Watch the Awesome Trailer for Liquid Force’s ‘Stitched’ About Raph Derome’s Return to Wakeboarding

At the end of last summer, legendary wake rail rider Raph Derome took a gross blow to the elbow. He's on his way to a

Watch These Wakeskaters Kickflip and Shred Gnar in the Trailer for ‘Ride Among Us’

Wakeskating seems to be all the rage this summer, so here's a rather epic 4-minute reel of riders doing kickflips and rails. This dopeness comes

Scenes from Liquid Force’s BROstock 2011 at Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas

Back in June, Alliance Magazine's BroStock 2011 brought some of the biggest names in wakeboarding to Arkansas' Bull Shoals Lake. All in all,

Wakeboarding Florida’s St. Johns River

Hopefully you'll have some time to get on the water this long, holiday weekend. In order to get you pumped up, here's some wake shred

Here’s a Video of an Ocean Winch Tow Surfing Competition at Vilano Beach, Florida

I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this is the first winch surfing video in BroBible history. Here's a few surfers getting their tow

Upstream Wakeboarding Looks Awesome

Bored with wakeboarding in a lake behind a boat or wakeskating at your community pool? It's time to head down to your swift-moving neighborhood creek,

‘Wakeskating’ Looks FUN: Highlights from O’Neill’s ‘Wake The Line’ Competition in Germany

Personally, I wasn't familiar with the burgeoning sport of "wakeskating" until I came across a highlight video of this past weekend's O’Neill "Wake The Line"

The Best Shred Reel of a Wakeboarding Trip to the Philippines You’ll See All Day

We've been on a huge wakeboarding kick as of late. And I don't think anyone is complaining. Following on the heels of Davis Griffin's shred

The Best Wakeboarding Shred Reel You’ll See Today

A tipster from Hydrous Wake Park in Allen Station (near Dallas), Texas just sent us this wild wakeboarding shred reel. The guy's name is Davis

Finally, Wakeboarding Meets Thug Life Thanks to the The W.W.A. (Whities With Attitude) Crew

Yesterday I put out an all points bulletin requesting more wakeboarding videos. The fine folks at SBC Wakeboard Magazine hit us up with this absolutely

Harley Clifford Gnarly New Wake Boarding Video for Oakley

Wake boarding is one of those sports we unfortunately tend to neglect around here. It's not that we don't love it, it's more that we

VIDEO: Boat Captain Leaves Controls to Surf Wake While Smoking a Cigarette

Here we have a captain of a small motorboat who decides to leave the controls, grab a surf board, and shimmy off the boat's stern

VIDEO: Josh Tranby Wakeboards a Cranberry Bog

This video is a couple days old, but hot damn it kicks ass. Minnesota-bred wakeboarder Josh Tranby headed down to a cranberry bog in Wisconsin