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Top 20 Colleges to Attend for One Semester

In a perfect world, the male college experience would span 10 years -- that is how long it takes a man's brain to mature --

To Dump or Not to Dump, Whipped Bros, Sorority Formals, and Other Moral Dilemmas

Sorority Girls Formal

Ask a BroEditor's Note:

Just Another Saturday Night: When Drunk Sleepwalking Goes Flawlessly

This past weekend I went to Philadelphia to see my best friends. The typical shit show was on tap. We flipped the switch,

Advice on Stage-5 Clingers, Plus Dealing With an STD

Stage 5 Clinger


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Gallery: 25 Sexy Photos of Shay Maria

Recently, I have developed a minor liking to a well-rounded, nubile, Californian bird by the name of Shay

10 Comedians Who Need to Become Funny Or Die


The '80s and '90s spoiled us by bringing droves of hilarious stand-up comedians to

10 Reasons Why Men Are Better Than Women

Woman CryingA few weeks ago, the young lasses over at College Candy asked us

Our 61 Favorite Viral Videos of 2010

Viral Videos Viral Top 1 Viral Video

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GALLERY: 76 Photos of P*rn Stars in Christmas Attire

Waffles McButterLast week, I

The 10 Best Ways to Kill Time at an Airport This Holiday Season

As I write this, I am sitting in JFK International Airport on a Saturday night, taking an unexpected 6-hour delay in f*cking stride.

From the Mailbag: Redheads, S&amp;M, Alcohol-Induced ED, and Fake IDs

Hot Chick Tied UP SM


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Is It Bro to Go Tanning During the Winter?

Tanning Stewie

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What’s Worth My Money at a Strip Club?

Strip Club Lap Dance

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60 Great Movies About American Soldiers


Anytime someone asks me to do just about anything for the military — be it an article, a charity donation, or 100 push-ups — I

The Top 25 Celebrities Who Have Defied Death


Hot Shots and a Pot Entrepreneur Vie for Bro of the Week

It's about that time, friends. Time to call it a f*ckin' week. So shut your brains down, drink so much that you shit our brains

Colts Punter Pat McAfee Arrested For Swimming Drunk in a Canal

In this age of concussions and spinal cord injuries, I no longer envy professional football players. I envy

The Top 15 Travel Destinations for Men

Traveling the globe in search of the next best party or crop of sultry women

The 20 Greatest Moments in Breast History

Call them what you may — breasts, b**bs, tits, bongos, angel cakes, fun bags, chesticles, humdingers, beastwagons

My Girlfriend is Shocked (Shocked!) That I Watch P*rn

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How to Deal with a Chick Who Has Body Hair

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A Babe Asks: Are Guys’ Balls Off Limits During Sex?

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A Girl Asks: Is It Cool for a Girl to Ask Out a Bro?

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