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U.S. Map Shows States That Have A Lot of Waffle Houses Also Have the Most Obese People

Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

Bubba Watson Had His Masters Victory Dinner at the Most Bubba Watson Restaurant Possible

The 2014 Masters ended in a less-than electrifying manner.

Guy Dares to Call a Gang of Gays in a Waffle House ‘Fags,’ Luckily For Him, They Only Kick His Ass

You see what I did with that headline? You see it? If you didn't, I inferred that the homophobe was lucky the gaggle of gays

This Fight At a Tuscaloosa Waffle House Is Quite Entertaining

At some point in this video of a fight, presumably on Saturday night after Alabama crushed Tennessee at Bryant Denny Stadium, I'm pretty

Knockdown Drag-Out Fight in a Georgia Waffle House

Bitches hopping counters. Titties flapping in the cool night air. And it's all going down in a Augusta, GA Waffle House. An establishment