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Watch Greg Oden Spike a Girl In the Face While Playing Volleyball

A bad metaphor for Greg Oden's career is in here somewhere...

If You Click This, You’ll Get to See a Kid Get Smashed in the Face by a Vicious Volleyball Spike


Nothing to See Here, Just a High School Volleyball Coach Slapping a Player 13 Times Across the Face

Hot damn. Japan sure does have a different way of going about things, doesn't it? 

Was This a Funny Volleyball Play, or an Acted Out Game of ‘Bop-It?’

In the face, in the bleachers. A nice one-two punch. 

Bro or Not Bro: Dad of the Year Makes Epic Facebook Comment About UC Davis Women’s Volleyball Team

Bro or Not Bro? Doesn't matter: It's still hilarious. Give this guy a father of the year award as soon as possible.

Bad News for Guys Who Like Seeing Women in Bikinis Play Volleyball

Women’s volleyball will be a little less sexy this summer during the Olympic Games in London. A ruling today by the International Volleyball Federation allows

This Chinese Women’s Volleyball Rally Might Be the Most Insane Thing You’ll Watch in Sports Today

Never in a million years did I think I'd ever have to write this sentence on a sports/men's lifestyle/humor blog: From the exciting