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7 Surprising Vodka Hacks

FINALLY, a use for all that leftover Zelko no one wants.

Heroic Vets Save a Dog’s Life By Forcing It to Drink Vodka

Is there anything vodka can't do? Well, besides make good decisions...

10 BAC-Increasing Facts You Didn’t Know About Vodka

As clear as the purest stream and as powerful as Thor's hammer, vodka is a sexy two-headed beast that can show you ecstacy, make you

Which Flavor of Pinnacle® Vodka Are You?

We’ve lived through a lot of changes, you and I. We lived through 9/11, two wars, the first black president, the proliferation of the Internet,

Vodka Samm Speaks: ‘That’s Not Why I Came To College’

For the first time since her .341 BAC incident at the University of Iowa, Vodka Samm speaks out. 

Underground Penn Fraternity Asks Members to ‘Suck Dicks’ Of Gay Rushees

An email from an unsanctioned fraternity at Penn leaked today.

Dude Sets World Record, Drinks 750ml Bottle of Vodka in 9.6 Seconds

Shoenice. It's been a hot second since we've had him on the site and by the sounds of his voice in the beginning of the

Heist of the Year? Thieves Jacked $1.1 Million Worth of Vodka

There are booze runs. And then there are booze runs. 

Russian Bros Drink a Bottle of Vodka Then Have a Swim Meet

Just another morning excercise in Mother Russia. 

This Guy Shows Us How to Make Vodka Lollipops, AKA ALCOHOLIC CANDY!

As the dude says in the video descrip, it'd be tough to get extremely hammered off of these. But a little bit of alcohol and

This Is What Vaporizing a Vodka Shot Looks Like

Probably one of the craziest vodka parlor tricks you'll ever see, straight from some guy on BBC's "Man Labs" show. It's not at

Crazy Russian Teaches Dog to Fetch a Bottle of Vodka

Man's best friend indeed.

BroBible Goes to Vegas, Takes Smirnoff’s People’s Challenge

Last week, the good people over at Smirnoff invited Waffs and I out to Vegas along with our boys KFC and kmarko from Barstool NY.