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Vodka Sam Was On ‘20/20’ Friday Night, Sounds Like Her Social Life Sucks Ass Now

Vodka Samm was the toast of the Internet town for at least a good 72 hours. Drinking, getting arrested, blowing a .341 and tweeting (from a

Vodka Samm Speaks: ‘That’s Not Why I Came To College’

For the first time since her .341 BAC incident at the University of Iowa, Vodka Samm speaks out. 

The Real Reason Why That Drunk YOLO-Tweeting College Girl Story Is So Popular

By now, you’ve probably heard of the gal that goes by Vodka Sam–the YOLO-tweeting, white girl wasted-endorsing University Iowa student who made headline after

University of Iowa’s President Had Some Not-So-Nice Things to Say About @Vodka_Samm

The University of Iowa isn't going to forget the Vodka Samm incident any time soon, especially not after her sloppy drunk mugshot

Bros… More Pics of @Vodka_Samm Partying Have Hit the Web

My personal favorite is the Vine video where she treats a bottle of vodka like it's a baby. #YOLO! 

Finally, @Vodka_Samm’s Mug Shot After Blowing a .341 BAC Hits the Web

Well, you just freakin' knew Vodka Sam's mugshot would inevitable hit the web, didn't you? And here it is, via Deadspin, before

Why Did @Vodka_samm Delete Her Twitter Account?

In case you were off-the-grid this holiday weekend, the biggest story to unfold on the Internet was the saga of Samantha Goudie a.k.a. @vodka_samm,