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This Dog Looks Exactly Like Vladimir Putin

I can't stop laughing.


You Hear the One About Vladimir Putin Stealing Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl Ring?

This might be the funniest news story of the year: Last Friday, Robert Kraft told a crowd at a New York City fundraiser that

Goalie Lets Vladimir Putin Score Game-Winning Goal, Lives

Russian President Vladimir Putin scored the winning goal in a shootout when his amateur team played the Legends of Russia. I’d comment on

Watch This Russian Guy Grab 1000 B**bs For the Sake of Grabbing 1000 B**bs and Vladimir Putin

Someone just sent in this video nominating this cat for Bro of the Week. Considering his YouTube video got 5 million hits in

Bikini Car Wash Supports Russia’s Auto Industry

If you were in Russia and wanted your citizens to buy your crappy Ruskie-built cars how would you promote it? Tits, but of

VIDEO: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Laces Up the Skates and Plays Hockey

I've written before about Vladimir Putin's badass publicity stunts. Today we have another item to add