Video Of Russian Army Training Is Proof That Russia Would Never Defeat The U.S. In Battle

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Classified footage of Russian Special Ops training has been leaked onto the Internet, and based on the clip above I think it's obvious that America has nothing to fear from the Red Army in the East.


Ukrainian Brewery Launches ‘Putin Is A Dickhead’ Beer Because The Whole World Hates Russia

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The entire world knows about the enmity and hostility between Ukraine and Russia, but Russia doesn't seem to realize the entire world is throwing a middle finger in their direction.


Strippers In Russia Taking Voluntary Pay Cuts In An Effort To Save Their Economy


Vladimir Putin recently cut his own salary as a sign to the people of Russia that certain sacrifices need to be made in order to save their floundering economy.

world leaders on the toilet

Artist Creates Beautiful Photos Of Obama And Other World Leaders Taking A Dump Because Art


When you think of the world's most prominent leaders they probably seem like immortals who wield Earth-changing powers and influence.

meme you should know

‘Just Putin Things’ Is Your New Favorite Meme About A Russian Dictator


Chances are that unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years you've seen the meme #JustGirlyThings.


The Gold iPhone Case With Vladimir Putin’s Face That You Never Knew You Needed is Here


Your long wait of zero days, zero hours, zero minutes and zero seconds is finally OVER.

Vladimir Putin

This Map Shows What Europe Looks Like According to Vladimir Putin


Hot take on the mind of Vladimir Putin right here.

Xi Jinping

2013 Forbes’ 100 most powerful people list features a change at the top


It's time once again for the annual Forbes' 100 most powerful people list and once again the top of the list if scattered with names you would expect.

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