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The Gold iPhone Case With Vladimir Putin’s Face That You Never Knew You Needed is Here

Your long wait of zero days, zero hours, zero minutes and zero seconds is finally OVER!

Today in Russia: Vladimir Putin Dominates a Hockey Game

Obama could never do this.

This Map Shows What Europe Looks Like According to Vladimir Putin

Hot take on the mind of Vladimir Putin right here.

This Dog Looks Exactly Like Vladimir Putin

I can't stop laughing.

You Hear the One About Vladimir Putin Stealing Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl Ring?

This might be the funniest news story of the year: Last Friday, Robert Kraft told a crowd at a New York City fundraiser that Russian

Goalie Lets Vladimir Putin Score Game-Winning Goal, Lives

Russian President Vladimir Putin scored the winning goal in a shootout when his amateur team played the Legends of Russia. I’d comment on

Watch This Russian Guy Grab 1000 B**bs For the Sake of Grabbing 1000 B**bs and Vladimir Putin

Someone just sent in this video nominating this cat for Bro of the Week. Considering his YouTube video got 5 million hits in

Bikini Car Wash Supports Russia’s Auto Industry

If you were in Russia and wanted your citizens to buy your crappy Ruskie-built cars how would you promote it? Tits, but of

VIDEO: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Laces Up the Skates and Plays Hockey

I've written before about Vladimir Putin's badass publicity stunts. Today we have another item to add to an impressive list that already includes whale hunting,