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Awesome Prank Perfectly Shows How Girls Are Shallow Like Guys

Ladies, just admit that you don't like ugly guys.

Awesome Prank Perfectly Shows How Girls Only Want Rich Guys

These hoes ain't loyal.

Steve-O and Vitaly Join Forces to Pull a Hilarious ‘Crazed Fan’ Prank, The Cops Get Involved

We see a whole heap-a-pranks around these parts and most of them suck. But this one, featuring Steve-O as himself and Vitaly as a crazed

Bro Hilariously Trolls Jacked Dudes Asking How They Inject Their Steroids

He might be riding the coattails of his Do You Even Lift, Bro? videos but we're not going to hate, there are certainly less funny

Bros Pull ‘Don’t Look At My Boyfriend Prank’ on Straight Guys Just In Time for DOMA Ruling

This prank is edgy. 

Bro Goes Around Asking Chicks ‘Are You Pregnant?’

This would have been light years better if he sacked up and asked girls with visible weight issues. But he probably didn't because something called

Bro Asks Chicks ‘Can I Bang You?’ Receives Zero Interest

How many more energy drink, or product placement, pranks could possibly be left? We had no idea Bang energy drink even existed so perhaps, and

Bro Pranks People Asking If He Can Get Them Naked, Boyfriends Get Pissed

Smile, you're on Candid Camera! Speaking of...with all the so-called pranks we see everyday, the creators of that show must be rolling in their graves

Bro Dresses Up Like an Old Man, Tries to Pick Up Grandmas, Fails Miserably

He might have had a higher success rate had he not looked like Freddy Krueger.

The ‘Do You Even Lift, Bro’ Prank Is Back, This Time the Victims Are Dudes Lifting in a Gym

A few months ago, YouTube prankster, Vitaly, walked around a South Florida college campus and asked people, no matter their size, "Do you even lift,

Bro Asks Chicks ‘How Much Do You Cost?’ Receives a Grab Bag of Reactions

I have a feeling that one day, in the not so distant future, Vitaly is going to teach a class surrounding social experiments. That is,

Bro Attempts to Pick Up Black Chicks, Has a Shockingly High Success Rate

Completely unrelated to the video: the douchebag in the "That's What She Said" v-neck t-shirt at the 1:26 mark and his massive chested girlfriend.

Bro Pranks His Mom Telling Her He’s Addicted to Heroin, She Gets Violent

His mom's hate-instead-concern reaction is priceless. Of all the crazy stuff Vitaly does and people he momentarily pisses off, it would have been poetic for

Bro Tries to Sell Cocaine in the Hood, Might Have Had More Success If It Wasn’t the Energy Drink

Two cocaine pranks in two days. Next up: heroin pranks! 

Bro Asks People on Spring Break ‘Do You Know Where I Can Find Some White Sluts?’

This prank is obviously one gigantic product placement plug, but compared to ninety-nine percent of blatant plug videos I'd say this was pulled off pretty

Bro Putting Nutella on Chicks’ Asses at Ultra 2013 and then Licking It Off Is Oddly Entertaining

When you're Internet famous, this is the type of stuff you get away with. It also helps immensely if your ass-licking targets might be on

Bro Tries to Score Chicks Using the Most Vulgar Pick Up Lines Possible

This further proves that some chicks will let you say just about anything to them as long as they think your attractive and not a

Bros Steal Other Dudes’ Skateboards, But It’s Alright Because It’s All a Hilarious Prank

I'll admit, I caught a few laughs from this but have we started to run out of real pranks that this is what passes these

‘Do You Even Lift, Bro?’ Prankster Pisses Dudes Off By Calling Them Small, Almost Gets Ass Kicked

These reactions are priceless. So many self-conscious dudes that are ready to pound in someone's face at the drop of an insult. 

Camera Stealing Prank Goes Great Until Pranksters Mess With The Wrong Dude’s Property

Thanks to this take-no-shit black dude, I'm going to be ending every conversation (good or bad) I have from now on with "Please believe me...Please

Dude Pulls Prank Dressed as The Grinch, Steals Christmas Trees

This Vitaly guy is quickly becoming the biggest troll on the Internet. No complaints here. Troll on, Troller. 

Guy in Gorilla Suit Scares the Piss Out of Unsuspecting Chicks

Never gets old...

Dude Pranks Other Guys on Omegle Who Think They’re Looking at a Chick’s Sexy Boobs

From what I can gather, Omegle.com is another in a long line of websites people can use to talk to strangers. This concept, from the

Dude Pranks People By Pretending to Get Electrocuted While They Help Him Jumpstart His Car

While brilliant, this just added fuel to my why-I-don't-stop-to-help-anyone-ever fire. Actually, I guess that's not true. I'd still help an old lady put her bag

Bro Pranks Other Guys By Accusing Them Of Looking At His Girlfriend

I'm going to be honest here. Usually, when I post a video that is over 3-minutes long and doesn't involve a knockout or a critical