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The Girl Who Auctioned Her Virginity Was Lying About the Whole Thing

Some things are too good to be true.

Redditors Summed Up Their First Sexual Experiences with GIFs and the Results Were Hilarious

Everyone remembers their first time. Usually for how awkward or embarrasing it was. Well, the folks over at Reddit shared […]

I Promise You’ll Laugh at This Hilarious Embarrassing Story About a Bro Losing His Virginity

This is one of the funniest stories you’ll ever hear about losing one’s virginity. If you can come anywhere close […]

This Christmas, Give Your Girlfriend the Gift of Virginity with These Fake Hymens

Now, you and your lady can recreate that awkward experience of the first time the two of you had sex. 

High School Bro Loses Virginity While Visiting Brother at College, Plus Other Sexploits

O.K., Bros. Memorial Day just happened and the Law of Averages tells me some of you got your dick wet in epic fashion. Why not

Jimmy Kimmel Asks, ‘How Old Were You When You Lost Your Virginity?’

Jimmy Kimmel's 'Pedestrian Questions' have been unusually good lately. A rip-off of Jay Leno's lame "Jey Walking" segment from back in the day, I consider

Catarina Migliorini Sells Virginity for $780,000, the Male Virgin Gets Three Grand

Hear the one about the Brazilian girl who auctioned off her virginity?

A Classic ‘Virgin Diaries’ Clip Featuring Skippy the Belly-Button Lint Collector and His Wingmom

Meet Skippy. He's 34-years old and lives in his parents basement. He wears "Virginity Rocks" shirts and collects belly-button lint ("but not for a sweater

Anilingus Gone Awry, What Happens When You Don’t Piss Before Sex, and a Backseat Romp

Got a couple good ones for you today and we're kicking it off with a Hook Up Heroes first. Submit your stories here. And away

Ashley Madison Will Give You $1M to Have Sex With Tim Tebow

In a move that’s not unethical in any way, AshleyMadison.com is offering $1 million to any woman who can deflower famous virgin Tim Tebow. The

Wearing a GoPro During Sex, Should You Unfriend Your Ex on Facebook, and a Girl Wants Answers

Got a real interesting mailbag for you today. Submit your Ask a Bro questions here and check back in again on Tuesday. 

Ask Dom Mazzetti: Final Four, Lent, Virginity

The latest Ask Dom Mazzetti -- where he fields fan question -- went up last night check it out after the jump.

Is a Girl Saving Herself Worth It, Eskimo Brothers, Lasting in Bed, and the Lampanelli Ultimatum

We've got a lot of bases to cover this week so ask your questions here and if it hasn't been answered before and it's worth answering