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Aaron Paul Repeatedly Calls Virginia Football Coach Mike London a Bitch

Virginia Tech graduate Mehul Sanghani donated $500 to an anti-bullying organization. In exchange, he got this video of Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul calling Virginia football

Virginia Tech Shooting Survivor Makes Terrific App to Stop Campus Crime

In 2007, Kristina Anderson survived three gunshots during the Virginia Tech massacre. Her French teacher and 11 classmates were killed, and, since then, Anderson has been an

Who Is This Drunk Virginia Tech Sorority Girl Trying to Fight?

Ahhh, Saturday mornings in Blacksburg. The crisp, cool air coming off the Blue Ridge Mountains; bourbon on the rocks; a football game about to commence.

Help This Bro Become Virginia Tech’s Next President

Ask and you shall receive

Bros! Would You Like to be Virginia Tech’s Next President?

Think you have what it takes to be the head of a university with a perennially underachieving football team and a student body with an inferiority

Virginia Tech to Play Tennessee at Bristol Motor Speedway, According to Ridiculous Report

In 2016, Virginia Tech will reportedly play Tennessee in a non-conference game at Bristol Motor Speedway. It's expected to draw between 150,000 and 160,000 fans,

Will Virginia Tech Ever Actually Wear These Stone Helmets?

Redditor MidwestDrummer alleges that Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer's website claims it's in the beginning design stages for a "Hokie Stone" helmet. VT beat writer Andy Bitter confirms this

Virginia Tech Unveils Camo Uniforms for Next Week’s Game, They Are Hideous

Virginia Tech just unveiled that they will be wearing these visual abominations during their Military Appreciation Day game against Marshall. I get that they are

Why Going Back to College Isn’t Always What It’s Cracked Up to Be

This originally appeared on columnist D.C.'s blog, Meeting Girls on the Metro. He allowed us to run it here.

Inside Virginia Tech’s New $5 Million Frat Castle

Sig Ep's new house at Virginia Tech is absolutely ridiculous. Like, $5 million ridiculous. Let's take a tour... 

Virginia Tech’s New Camo Helmets Are Worth Looking At

Virginia Tech unveiled these alternative helmets today because HEY LOOK OVER THERE! SHINY WEIRD THING!

Rate Virginia Tech’s Bowl Game Helmets

It’s bowl season so every team under the sun is altering its uniforms. Here is Virginia Tech’s successful attempt to get more attention.

Rate Virginia Tech’s New Surprise Uniforms with a Giant HokieBird on the Helmet

More from the college football fashion show. This morning Virginia Tech's equipment room surprised Hoakie fans with today's throwback-ish uniforms for today's game against Boston

Someone Tried to Spice Up the Virginia Tech-North Carolina Game By Leaving Scissors on the Field

What the hell is this all about? As a general rule of thumb, sharp objects laying around on a football field while a game is

There Was an On-Camera Boob Grab During Yesterday’s Virginia Tech-Bowling Green Game

You see the words "boob grab at a college game," and you automatically click on a link. You just do.  And click I did.

Awesome Courtside Video of Michael Snaer’s Buzzer Beater for FSU from the Cheerleader Section

This will give you chills. In the last minute of tonight's game against  Virginia Tech, Florida State came back from a 9-point deficit.

BREAKING: Police Officer Shot on Virginia Tech’s Campus

There is a report that a suspect described as a white male, in gray sweat pants, a gray hat w/neon green brim, wearing maroon hoodie and

How Crazy Was Lane Stadium on Saturday?

This past Saturday was such an epic day of college pigskin. If you missed Virginia Tech's incredible fourth quarter win over Miami, I

Check Out the Photos (and the Promo Girls) from Our First Tailgate at Virginia Tech

Stop one of the BroBible Tailgate Tour is in the books. Blacksburg, Va., was the perfect place for us to start our tour, with

Lance Diamond, The V.T. Student Who Hates Rainbows and Sperry’s, Gets the Anderson Cooper Treatment

Last week, we told you about Lance Diamond, the freshman at Virginia Tech threatening to sue Rainbow and Sperry for ruining his college experience. Somehow,

Freshman at Virginia Tech Rants About His Newfound Hate For Rainbows and Sperry’s

Lance Diamond is a Freshman at Virginia Tech. Lance wants to meet people, be a frat star, and wear certain Bro-footwear. But Lance has delicate

VIDEO: Tyrod Taylor’s Insane Second Quarter Touchdown Pass in the Orange Bowl

Think he wants some eggs with that scramble?

VIDEO: BroBible Tailgates with the Virgina Tech Faithful in Blacksburg

A week ago today, I posted in the hype piece for our Fall Tailgate Tour stop  at Virginia Tech that the Hokies would win by

The BroBible Tailgate Tour Heads to Blacksburg to Black Out

Today the (5-3) Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets swarm into Blacksburg to try and take down the ACC Coastal Divisions front runner (6-2) Virginia Tech Hokies.

Week 1 Picks: Can Virginia Tech Dash Boise State’s Title Hopes from the First Snap?

Editor’s Note: College football starts today with a full slate of games under the Thursday night lights. For the complete schedule of every game this