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15 Incredibly Stupid Trends We’d Like to See Go Viral

Viral internet trends, like people in Snickers commercials, aren’t going anywhere for a while. Figuring out why half this stupid shit gains international attention is

Pine-Sol Lady Terrorizes Prospective Customers

One of the better marketing campaigns ever conducted. She's like a cross between Billy Mays (RIP) and Terry Tate Office Linebacker.  Don't mess with the Pine-Sol.  [H/T:

Stabbing People At T-Ball Games Is Apparently A Thing

It looks like North Carolina resident and crazy person Kendall Basker got a witty-bitty angwy at a T-Ball game.  

Teachers Pull Giant, Dance-Filled Videobomb Prank on Students

Holy crap, is everyone talking about this video. I mean, my uncle, who still has a Lycos account, forwarded it to me. Yes,

Apparently People are ‘Totting’ Now

We really don’t know what to make of this. Apparently this marshmallow-based phenomenon is called “totting.” When my brother and I did sh*t