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And The First Youtube Video To Surpass 2 Billion Views Is…

This is kinda a gimme.

This Cruise Ship Can Play ‘Seven Nation Army’

Did Jack White ever think his little bass riff would become the No. 1 thing yelled by soccer hooligans, drunk bar patrons, and cruise ships?

Bro Dances to Same Song 100 Days in a Row, Creates Strangely Hypnotic Mashup

His dance is kind of like Napoleon Dynamite's, if Napoleon owned more than three shirts.

The Biggest Bros in Viral Video History

We’ll call this the second part of a three part series.

Watch SuperDad Sprint to Save His Child From Impending Disaster

Father of the year or hoax of the week.

‘Super Cop’ Has Closing Speed Like an NFL Free Safety, Nails Suspect From Behind

Faster than Darrell Green.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Slowed-Down Sounds Like the World’s Most Knowledgeable Stoner

Neil deGrasse Tyson's new show Cosmos is a stoner's paradise.

A Man Sneezing Into His Trombone During a Concert Is As Funny As It Sounds

This is a church service that got waaaaay less boring, very quickly.

Holy Crap! This Footage of a Man Carjacking Three Rides in a Minute is ‘The Fast & The Furious’ IRL

A Dom Toretto wannabe.

Dominos Customer Complaints Make for the Ultimate Video of First-World Problems

This is actually kind of tough to watch, but man, is it some much needed perspective.



This Is, Without a Doubt, the Best 28 Seconds You’ll Spend on the Internet Today

This is so, so dumb, yet it's also weirdly brilliant. So it's basically the ultimate viral video.

Today in Stupid But Hilarious Things Rednecks Do: Getting a Friend to Punch You Out Before Getting a Tattoo

This guy—the one with the fantastic neck tattoo, sloppy haircut and just a general aura of something vaguely neo-Nazish—wants to get a tattoo.

‘Jurassic Park’s’ Most Harrowing Scene Gets a Lot More Terrifying When You Add Cats

Cats as dinosaurs is surprisingly scary.

Bro Pretending to Skateboard Still Manages to Eat It So Freakin’ Hard

Personally, I can't stop watching this.

This Japanese Pro Wrestler’s Entrance Is a True Work of Art

Kazuchika Okada’s intro in Japan Pro Wrestling features fireworks and smoke and A DINOSAUR. It’s amazing. Okada just put everyone […]

GoPro Falls From a Sky Diving Plane and Lands In a Pig Pen… Most Incredible GoPro Video Ever or Fake?

This viral GoPro video is so insane, I have a hard time believe it’s real. Like… What are the chances […]

Here’s a Video of an Adorable Little Penguin Chasing Around a Japanese Man

Because, fuck it. Sometimes you just need to watch an adorable little penguin chase around a Japanese man. It’s good […]

Classic Movies Shot in Vertical Video Is Trolling at Its Finest

Vertical video is a scourge that must be stopped. It’s the provenance of lazy people, ones who can’t be bothered […]

This Wedding Ceremony Is Just… So… Fail (VIDEO)

This is so good it has to be fake (although I don't think it is). 

DJ Plays a Set On Subway Train in Front of Bemused New Yorkers

Typically, the subway performer is someone you treat with apprehension if not outright disdain. If it's TJ Mizell, though—the son of the late, great Jam

World’s Greatest Ice Cream Man Screws With Man for 90 Seconds

Question: Is this ice cream man awesome or a dick? We're split.

The 50 Best Viral Videos of 2013

Because you don't have anything else better to do today, let's take a look back at the very best in Internet time-wasters in 2013. 

Security Guard Catches Baby in Most Harrowing Baby-Catching Footage You’ll See Today

An idiotic father in Poland's Katowice-Pyrzowice airport places his kid on a luggage counter. Because the child has a center of balance like a pendulum, he slowly

Here’s 30 Straight Minutes Arnold Schwarzenegger Wrecking Shit

Fun fact: Ah-nold has killed 509 people (and terminators) during his illustrious movie career. Here's every fucking one. It's a lot of violence!

The 20 Best Viral Sports Videos of 2013

Featuring Key and Peele's Nyquillus Dillwad, Dude Perfect, and, of course, TerRio killin' em.

Best Viral Sports Videos of 2013

I never knew the Minnesota Timberwolves made a Harlem Shake video wherein their mascot beat the shit out of someone with a baseball bat. But

French Women Cup Balls for Cancer in Response to ‘Motorboating for Cancer’ Viral Video

Here's a pretty crucial difference between the United States and France: In the U.S., a group of random guys motorboated women—with their consent—to raise money

Guy Finds Out His Girlfriend Was Cheating on Him with Little Person, Hilarity Ensues

Warning: This is loud and extremely dumb. Watch as a young buck finds out his little lady has been cheating on him with a little

WOAH: Watch an Insane Explosion at a Gunpowder Plant in Colombia

Smoke, flames, and a massive shrapnal-filled explosion at a gunpowder plant in South America—all exciting, scary stuff. But watch the cows. They survived! They survived!

Cheer Up Your Thursday with the Worst Customer Service Call in History

According to the YouTube uploader, this meltdown occurred after "the company missed an appointment. Somehow the issue escalated to where a Michelle (probably a supervisor

How to Be Unemployed

Our old friend TheJillboard hits to the core of what it means to be unemployed: So much Netflix, so much staring at the wall.

This Wendy’s Training Video from the ‘80s Demands to Be Watched

In the '80s, Wendy's created this training video. It features a hard rock theme song, a confused Dave Thomas, and the requisite cheesy graphics.

Bro Visits Every Country in the World, Films One-Second Clips in Each

Graham Hughes (and his seemingly limitless budget) might annoy you at first, but this video becomes weirdly hypnotizing the more countries he goes through. What

Why Working in a Music Store Is a Fate Worse Than Death

Working in a music store: Not a bad gig, right? You're surrounded by nice sounds. It's like the complete opposite from holding a jackhammer. Right? 

This Easily Scared Restaurant Employee Has an Amazing Highlight Reel

His expression never changes. He's just moppin' away and BAM—that same look of horror every single time. What an employee.

Bored? Watch the Best of the Web Compilation

The fifth clip in a series packed with a whole lotta win.

‘Extreme Ice Cube Stunts’ May Sound Lame, But It’s Pretty Awesome

Incredible it seems that these guys did all these in one take. And the ice cubes? No melting? Science? Breaking Bad reference?

When You Take a Video Instead of a Photo, People Lose Their Minds

Try this: When a friend asks you to take a picture, take video instead. It's what the Joker was referring to when he said, "Everyone

8 Years of Viral Videos in 2 Minutes Will Make Your Head Spin

It’s hard to imagine a world before the viral video. In fact, we don’t know what the hell people did with all that sweet free