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This Australian Football League Sucker Punch Hurts to Even Watch


Brawl in A Greek Restaurant Gets Extra Insane When People Start Using Chairs and Tables


One Bro’s Emotional Plea to End Bro-On-Bro Violence

Somewhere between hating your life and hating someone else’s, sipping the haterade on the bitter bus becomes a lifestyle choice.

Meanwhile in Paraguay, A Soccer Player Delivers a Flying Kick to a Referee’s Face

Why would anyone want to be a soccer referee any place without ample security? It seems like we see or read about a ref getting

Newcastle Fans Riot After Loss; Watch One of Them Punch a Police Horse

Newcastle supporters did not take their team’s 3-0 loss yesterday to rival Sunderland well. Instead, they rioted and punched horses. Easy, guys. Easy.

Three Ways to Improve Baseball Through Violence

Forget apple pies, eating contests, or littering.  Baseball is America’s true pastime, and, much like our other pastimes e.g. manufacturing, farming, or overbearing mothers slapping

Breaking: At Least 14 Stabbed at Lone Star College

Terrible news this afternoon out of Lone Star College in Houston.

Michael Vick’s Book Tour Canceled Due to Threats of Violence

People haven’t exactly forgiven Michael Vick.

Crazy Old Used Car Salesman Slugs Nosey CBS Reporter in the Face

Look, if you're going to come around old man Wilder's car lot and start poking your nose into his business and act like a little

Chelsea’s Eden Hazard Kicked a Ball Boy, Which Is Frowned Upon

Chelsea star Eden Hazard was given a straight red card for an incident with a ball boy during this afternoon’s Capital One Cup match against

Today’s Manchester United-Swansea City Match May Have Featured an Attempted Murder

Swansea City’s Ashley Williams rocketed a ball off Manchester United star Robin van Persie’s head earlier today. Depending on who you believe, he could soon

Victoria’s Secret Shoppers Lose Their Sh*t on Black Friday

These women couldn’t wait to get their grubby little paws on some lingerie. I totally know the feeling.

Here’s a Particularly Lovely Hockey Goalie Fight to Jump-Start Your Work Week

There are few things that can bring our nation together like goalie fights in hockey. Hell, it’s what this country needs in the wake of

Watch a Bunch of Hot Chicks Violently Smash Office Supplies

Don’t look down here. Look up there where the breasts and violence are happening.

Junior Hockey Coach Trips Opposing Player on Purpose, Breaks His Wrist

They take their hockey quite seriously up in Canada. One junior hockey coach, however, really crossed the line when he let his emotions get the

Now Roaming Gangs of Leprechauns Are Attacking People

The recent spate of zombie-inspired attacks across our great country has been both alarming and fascinating. It’s a disturbing trend. All trends have to come

Check Out the Brand-New ‘Halo 4’ Trailer

Gamers, may I have your attention? It’s time for your palms to get even more sweaty. The new Halo 4 trailer is out. In my

Man Stabbed When Contest Over Who Can Have Most Sex Gets Weird

A sex-having contest is all fun and games until someone gets stabbed. At least that’s what my mom used to tell me. It turns out

Brendan Shanahan Sucks, Says Guy Posing for Picture with Brendan Shanahan

NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan has been a busy guy during the playoffs. He’s also been extremely popular. So it’s no surprise that one New York

Lego Version of Captain America Just a Bloody Mess

Growing up, my brother and I used to build epic Lego structures. Hours turned into days as we'd just keep adding and adding.

Egyptian Soccer Riot Leaves At Least 73 Dead, Hundreds Injured

Riots broke out after a soccer match in Egypt today, leaving at least 73 people dead and hundreds more injured. After Al-Ahly beat

Florida Woman Survives Stabbing Thanks to Breast Implants

Another day, another story touting the virtues of fake breasts. A 41-year-old Florida woman who was stabbed in the chest with a pocket knife is