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These Vine Geniuses Played a Game of Scare Cam Tag and It Was Hilarious

Recently, a bunch of well known Vine personalities played a game of scar cam tag on Vine, hilarity did what hilarity always does.

FAST Teenager Throws a Hail Mary to Himself In the Most Perfect Vine Video of the Day

World, meet Gary Haynes, a cornerback/wide receiver from Manvel, Texas.

The Ultimate Guide to Athletes Who Are Good (and Bad) at Vine

Including BroBible favorites Alex Morgan and Anastasia Ashley... 

This Is What a Fart Looks Like Through a Thermal Imaging Camera

Suffice it to say, we on staff here can't stop watching this. 

The Best Vine Trick Shots of 2013

Downright excellent compilation here from Brodie Smith. How in the world did I miss him opening a beer bottle with a frisbee? That's one of

This Vine of a Beyonce Impersonator Talking About Breastfeeding Blue Is Addicting

I wish I was could explain what was so great about this. But just watch it. You'll see. 

Do You Like Vines Of Alison Brie Dancing?

Of course you do, it was a rhetorical question! To wrap Season 5 shooting for Community, Alison Brie got her dance on with Danny Pudi just

Bored? Watch a Hilarious Collection of the Best Vines in November

Bite-sized comedy with an (occasionally racist!) bite.

Presenting the 5 Best Performances From the UK Twerking Championships

Twerking championships...that's what it's coming to, World. Fuck if I'm about to complain but, as a human race, we're really starting to dip into zero fucks/standards territory. Just

Al Roker Went to a Drake Concert, Made a Hilarious Vine Selfie About the Experience

Al Roker is a young-at-heart type of guy, so he decided to accompany his daughter and her friend (lame... DAD) to Drizzy's recent show in Connecticut's XL Center

I Can’t Stop Watching This Dude Dribble a Basketball Aggressively

Deep down, I know this isn’t the funniest thing on the internet but RIGHT NOW it sure seems like it. This guy is a serious

Bat Dad Entertains Us, Probably Scars Kids For Life

Bat Dad is the... well he's the dad. Who dresses like a bat. And then raises a family. And posts things to Vine. While talking

A Compilation of the 100+ Best Sports Vines of All Time

When it comes to an amazing trick shot or sports highlight, six seconds is PLENTY of time. Insert: Vine. The guys at ESPN's SportsNation put

College Bro Gets Dunked On In Lecture, Class Goes Wild

I know we say "epic" a lot around here, but this is truly an epic Vine. 

A Good Reason to Never, Ever ‘Do It For the Vine’

A couple minutes of Twitter fame isn't worth it. Via Next Impluse Sports: 

Perhaps the Funniest Vine Prank You’ll Watch Today

So cruel, yet so perfect. Via Hypervocal on Twitter: 

Kobe Bryant is Feeling Well Enough to Go Off the High Dive

I’m not a doctor or anything but it seems like jumping off a 40-foot platform into water wouldn’t be the best way to rehab a

This Vine of a Truck Flying Over a Guardrail is Fucking Insane

Holy fucking truck launch! According to LSJ.com the man's truck veered into the median and then things escalated from there. If you ask me, it

77 Funny Vine Videos From June 2013

You know what I love the most about the 4th of July? The entire week leading up to it is pretty much a throw-away. If

Don Draper’s Impression of a Baby Crying Is One of the Greatest ‘Mad Men’ Moments Ever

Last night’s Mad Men was spellbinding. Then again, they’ve all been pretty great lately. We’re already lamenting the brutal fact there’s only one more episode

Russell Westbrook Singing Taylor Swift While Shirtless is Cause for Concern

Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook is one poor son of a bitch. He’s so bored rehabbing his surgically repaired knee that he’s posting videos