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What Is The #BruhMovement And Why Is It Taking Over Vine?


I Can’t Stop Watching This Fat Kid On Vine Shit On Haters And Scream About Oreos

Oreos are the shit, so I get where he's coming from.

This Is What Happens When You Wear A Mentos Suit And Dunk Yourself Into A Pool Of Coke

Your childhood dream is calling you.

The 17 Coolest Sports Vines of the Year (So Far)

From Sydney Leroux's screwed-up Happy Gilmore swing attempt, to Damian Lillard's huge 3, these are the best Vines of the sports year.

FAST Teenager Throws a Hail Mary to Himself In the Most Perfect Vine Video of the Day

World, meet Gary Haynes, a cornerback/wide receiver from Manvel, Texas.

This Chick Fight Ends When One Gets Cracked in the Head with a Shovel

Shovel violence, while rare, is always something people want to see.

Robert De Niro’s First Vine Is a Most Robert De Niro Vine

Robert De Niro: legendary actor, legendary curmudgeon. All together in one Vine.

Big-Boned Vine User’s Motorboat Selfie is One of Our Nation’s Most Horrific Nautical Disasters

It's hypnotic.

#LeBroning Is a New Instagram/Vine Trend Making Fun of LeBron James That’s Taking the World By Storm

And it's absolutely hilarious. Easily the best new Internet trend of 2014 and we're not even half-way through January. This is how the Internet pay homage

The Most Terrifying Vine Ever Is Full of Spiders

DAMMIT, NATURE. You scary.

The Dunk of the Year (Vine Edition)

Never before seen footage from the Chris Paul-Cliff Paul insurance commercial. Or just a couple dudes goofin' around up in their room while mom cooks

Miley Cyrus Posted a Video of Herself Masturbating Last Night

It a teaser clip for her new video for Adore You, which... we will be posting here as a soon as it up. Because she's

This Vine of a Beyonce Impersonator Talking About Breastfeeding Blue Is Addicting

I wish I was could explain what was so great about this. But just watch it. You'll see. 

Bored? Watch a Hilarious Collection of the Best Vines in November

Bite-sized comedy with an (occasionally racist!) bite.

I Can’t Stop Watching This Unreal Vine

I'm going to go ahead and call this fella, JehReh, the world's first Vine magician. How else do you explain this illusion1, created with just

HOLY FUPA: Best Vine of All Time? Yes, Best Vine of All Time….

There is no FUPA in the world quite like a jorts FUPA. 

10 Best People to Follow on Vine

If there’s one thing that Vine has proven in its short history, it’s that a goofball with a smartphone and creative

‘The Wire’s’ Senator Clay Davis Just OWNED Vine

Yes, Senator (a.k.a. Isiah Whitlock), this is how we all feel about Vine.

This Vine of a Woman Screaming in an Apple Store is Horrifying, Proof That Hell is Other People

If you've taken your laptop to Apple, only to be told your liquid damage falls outside Apple Care, then you might call this woman a

17 Athletes Who Are Killin’ It On Vine

From awesome to bad to awesomely bad, you can't help but be a little impressed by what six short seconds can inspire. Twitter has already

BiBi Jones Went on an Epic Vine Binge Last Night, Posting 33 Videos In Three Hours

Last night around 11PM, a BroBible tipster hit us up about BiBi Jones' epic Vine binge. Stevie Chay got real excited and instantly tuned-in. Turns

Bored? Watch the Best Vines from the First Week of July

Comedy, in frighteningly small doses. 

77 Funny Vine Videos From June 2013

You know what I love the most about the 4th of July? The entire week leading up to it is pretty much a throw-away. If

Dom Mazzetti vs. Vine

Come for Dom, stay for Gian's constant reflection in the picture. Hey! LIKE BroBible on Facebook here.

Instagram Unveils ‘Video On Instagram’ Feature

Vine was great and all but it was only a matter of time before Mark Zuckerberg came and switched the whole game up.

Bored? Watch a Collection of the Best Vines This June

Wait. June? Isn't it the... seventh?

Dirt Nasty Stars in Funniest Vine of All Time

As with any new technology, Vine—which allows you to create and share quick, 6-second video clips—has taken some time to come into its own. For

Of Course People Are Uploading Videos of Their Marijuana Smoking Habits to Twitter’s Vine, Too

Vine: Just another tool for incriminating yourself with bongs, joints, blunt, and bags of marijuana.

Twitter’s Vine App is Already Filled With Porn

When a new technology emerges, we waste precious little time figuring out how it will affect our pornography viewing. Vine, Twitter’s new mobile service, is