Check Out Never Before Seen Footage Of Eminem Rapping As A Kid


Would you look at lil Eminem just rapping up a storm on his way to being the world's greatest blonde rapper.

crazy chicks

This Vine Of Some Girl Crapping Herself Over Justin Bieber Stripping Makes Me Question Humanity

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Last night Justin Bieber stripped down to his boxers and got booed on Fashion Rocks, a runway-fashion-thing I didn't even know existed, let alone was broadcasted on television.


Someone Needs To Stop This Adorable Drunk Puppy From Making An Ass Out Of Himself


This drunk puppy appears to have just had his first hit from the bottle and is making a complete ass out of himself, for the love of everything adorable someone needs to stop this drunk puppy before he goes any further.


Bro Tries Gymnastics—Gets Knocked The Fuck Out By The Ground


Dude, did you really think it was a good idea to try some gymnastics from that high off the ground.


Some Dreams Are So Good You Never Want To Wake Up, Just Like This One


You know those dreams, everything in the world that could go right is, then suddenly your eyes are open and you have to go to work.

when the beat drops

That Moment When The Beat Drops But You’re Stuck On The School Bus


Like most of us, this school bus rider just wanted to get loose when the beat dropped.


Every bite you take, every crumb you bake, I’ll be watching you


Just about every pet owner is all to familiar with that feeling of making food, eating food, or holding food, when you just know that there's a set of eyes glued to you.

Wiggle remix

This remix of Jason Derulo’s ‘Wiggle’ is the song of 2014


You'll never find a remix as good as this, just stop now.

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